I Want Him Home

my hubby got sent to prison a fue mths ago, a guy beat me up and my hubby punched him to try stop him.the guy got a broken skill n jaw so my hubby got charged with serious assult and perminent disfigurment so he got sentenced to a year in jail. we didnt even no this guy we were just waiting on a taxi home after a party. the guy was just a drunken ****!!  i cant stop thinking about him day and night hes on my mind.    i had a visit from a social worker the other day sayin they are worried he might be a danger to our kids when he gets out witch is crap he would never hurt a kid they said the seriousness of his charge causes concerns for the kids future because what if he does it to them. he has no criminal record atall, hes never even been in a fight before.we have 2 boys and a baby girl who he adores they are his world. im so upset for him i see him tomorrow and i  dont no wether i should tell him about the meeting or should i wait till they tell him. he will be devostated! they want to see profe hes not going to be violent again when hes out before hes allowed to live with us again. when he finds this out its going to be worse than prison for him. any guy that seen a guy hit his wife would do the same as what my husband did. i feel really guilty because really hes in there because of me.
debs11 debs11
26-30, F
Aug 5, 2010