I Am Different

I know that I can't be perfect. I suffer from depression; I found that out when I was 12. All because I lost my dad too the bloody and gruesome war. The only true family I have left is my mother, Deana; two dogs, Sabre & Nala; and my fat *** cat, Samuel. I know what you're most likely thinking, and no, I'm not insane. I don't have cancer, I'm not anorexic, I don't cut myself, and I'm not an attention *****. I am an anonymous blogger who just wants to let people know I'm alive.. I do indeed think it’s a common misperception of us "teens". We're not all crack heads; we don't all sleep with the whole football team, or even love Bullet for My Valentine. Quite honestly the people, who judge, are the ones who should be judged...
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13-15, F
Sep 19, 2012