That's All I Can Be

I learned to be myself when I was younger I got into things and acted out but I learned from my experiences that it is best to be yourself. I am me that's all I can be and I don't care who likes me or not I don't care about anothers opinion on me. Love me or hate me it's makes no difference to me. I don't try to impress people I don't act like someone I'm not and if a person doesn't like the real me that's fine I don't need them anyway. I don't need fake acting people around me and that's probably why I don't have any real friends now because I'm seperating myself from them. If they don't accept me for who I am and the decisions I make they never will.
mak314 mak314
26-30, F
1 Response Jul 30, 2007

Very good! I've realized how lucky I am in figuring out some of this stuff earlier in life. False friends bored me in the first grade.