Im A Jerk.. Seriously!

I think there is something truly wrong with me, I don't think its natrual to be as mean as I am. Its like I cannot connect to people, they irritate me or bother me soo much. At work, I act like a stuck up, know it all jerk. When people get hurt, I laugh, when someone is complaining about a physical aliment or personal problem, I tell them to get over it and stop crying. When someone tells me something personal, I usually just say "Oh" and walk away. I guess I hurt my boss by accidentally pinching his hand with this metal thing, and he was seriously in pain, so what do I do? I smack his hand and said, "oh your ok". Don't even get me started on personal relationships. I cannot get close to people, every man that has tried to has failed because I just cannot seem to be nice and try to give them a chance. Im not pretty and Im not popular, and I have little self esteem, so I should try to be nice to the few men who are nice to be...but I simply cannot connect to them in any emotional way. I treat my roomate like crap. I have no idea why she puts up with my crap. I constanly put her down and make fun of her for really no reason. I think I need to be medicated, because it things keep going like this, I will end up pushing everyone away that has ever bothered to care. Haha.

dementedk dementedk
22-25, F
Feb 27, 2010