Thease Are Great Natural Resources

Nothing wears like or breaths like real leather, not so great on car seats but it's GREAT on your feat it lasts and lasts and breaths so good


Meat? **** Christ yes I am meat positive for a reason, great source of protein and tastes great and smells as delicious as it is when its cooking. Also, hunting is fun, good exorcise and teaches good survival skills that could save your life and that of others. their are a lot of other reasons to be meat positive but these will do  for now.


Fur? why its warm, its very fashionable it's been worn for millennia a polar bears fur can actually snuff out a heat source signal so that it is impossible  to pick it up on infrared sensing equipment I’m told BUT who cares really fur is FUN and fashionable AND it's an art form just go into a fur shop in the mall and look at all the wonderful patterns an techniques, just beautiful You BET I’m fur positive!!


Animals are a wonderful natural and "renewable" resource they taste great, wear great and their amoral and brainless to the point they will eat the *** hole out of their  own young while they scream at the top of their lungs for the pain to stop.


So if someone tells you to stop eating meat, wearing leather, wearing fur, because animals are little people in fur coats their basically calling you stupid so you tell them, **** YOU!

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I'm am so sick of vegans going around telling, and at times even DEMANDING that we all stop eating meat, and fish and that it is "murder" and other bullshit, or throwing a fit when they see some one in a fur coat. And some of these wackos have the nerve to think they can wreck some ones personal property. I have dealt with some of these freaks and one thing they do not like is when someone stands their ground and tells them to **** off, buy they are the ones that have started the confrontation. Go figure.

seems like their so deluded that they just assume people will just agree with them if they get in their face their that sure that their right the arrogance is astonishing.

What you say makes sense. If a person has a belief in deferring to the cycles of nature than use of animal products would be part of those cycles. It is also odd that the animal rights crowd is so geared that way yet they seem not to want to take part in it. <br />
Personally I have a different take on what nature is like. I see it as more complex than the turn of the seasons and animal behavior. For me the human brain is also a part of nature and thus what ever comes out of it is also natural from hunting for food to building space ships to seeking to rearrange nature in the laboratory (which would merely be nature rearranging it's self)

I grew up on a ranch and have seen animals in every stage of life and death. I have seen the hunted and the hunter in death. I have seen the bloody fur and the meat cut up, the intestines of a lot of different animals. I do not disagree with shf84. <br />
Animals are part of the food chain and part of our history in development to where we are now. We needed furs and leather and bone tools. We like leather, it feels good. Why waste the skin? In nature, we would use it. We have become separated from the cycles of life and death on earth. Death always serves a purpose, even if it is only tor the flies.<br />
Animal cruelty? I do not support that in any way. Animal cruelty is performed by cruel humans. We should call it human cruelty instead. Especially if it is for money, the desire of which is the root of all slap down a quote.<br />
Good story, shocking, yes, to the point, yes.<br />
Good one.

No one should endorse animal cruelty that's just sick but animals are animals not people and these low life want to say that they are one and the same.