Don't Be Afraid Of These Scum!

The animal rights philosophy is outragious and assinine to even listen to. Than when you hear about these idiots having the gall to not ask but demand that others follow their beliefs! Thease pieces of **** use bully tactics like their phony moral outrage compleate with clever comments that make it sound like KFC is killing human infants and frying them up.

BUT these insane filth don't stop there they actually enguage in terrorism distroying property and medical research facilitys looking for valuable cures to horrible diseases. They have even thrown paint on people wearing furs that they payed thousands of dollars for!

**** THEM! it's time we gave them a taste of their own medicine!

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You are the scum and you're non too bright either .

That's "none" actually and where is your evedence?

No it's " non " where I come from .
Well your stories kinda prove my point .

So what about them?

You are hard work . I just hope you have no animals in your care as you don't deserve them . Or children for that matter .
Think about it .

To bad for you , I do have animals and there is absolutely nothing a piece of self righteous self important s h i t like you can do about it. You can eat your vegetables and post bitter self righteous crap on the net because other people don't bow down to what you think is right. But there is s h i t you can do to force your beliefs on me despite your disregard for the ability of others to make their own decisions or live as equals. By the way I just shot a coyote yesterday.

Good for you! Coyotes are varmets that attack and kill livestock, often for the the thrill of the chase. They will kill entire flock of sheep, if given the chance,without even eating what they kill. The are a serious vector for rabies and canine distemper. They will attack small children and pets, often returning to the same area where they made a successful kill.They should be shot on site or trapped, and made into fur coats or hats. I love and wear furs, and think coyote is one of the most beautiful of furs, it makes a gorgeous stole.

I'll probably get another one soon : )

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Thease retarded punks would show up on q and a insulting people and talking tough like they were the only people on the planet capable of or alowed to form an opinion. If they just had something valad to say in the first place but rights for animals? And their serious to the have a 4 year olds sense of how thins work ifigured it was time they got took down a peg same as any other smart mouth 4 year old.

I don't care if another wants to follow a vegan or vegetarian diet or lifestyle, but TOO many ( but by no means all of them) are always "preaching" their ideology on us non-vegans and try to make us feel like "murderers" or "guilty" for eating meat or fish. Well I don't feel guilty at all and meat is NOT murder! Murder is the intentional taking of HUMAN life, and just when did chickens or fish or whatever animal some of you veggies are so worried about get the equal rights as humans? Sorry but I consider chickens and fish FOOD!

I understand you are an angry person. I have seen my uncle cut up a dead sheep and then my dogs eat it's liver. Why should i care about you cutting up your own meat? I'm a vego cause i'm against the mass killing and inhumane killing of animals when we should just be hunting our own food.<br />
<br />
And actually I don't think i'm smarter than everyone else cuase I don't eat meat, thats just your own twisted idea. Also I dont really care what you eat, I only care that because you where annoyed by a couple of forceful vegetarians you call me names. The only reason I wrote the above comment is because I wanted to see your reaction, and I think that the video Is well made (if a little graphic). Oh and i think it's pretty selfish of you to think you can go around telling people thier pieces of **** just because of what they eat but when people try do do the same to you, you have to throw a tantrum and try to start an anti vego revolution (a bit sad for someone of your age).<br />
<br />
Oh and the world is a thing and I believe we are in charge of it and the animals In it. I'm not so thick as to think the world has feelings. Also have fun seething in anger at people with opinions just like you.<br />
<br />
bye bye have a nice life eating whatever you want :).

You came here. Provoked me got called a piece of **** and now your butt hurt is what happined.

Ive seen the stupid *** propiganda video at least twice, you people are FULL OF **** I have even butchered my own meat, I know what meat is. See that's what gets me to about you ******* pieces of **** , you think every body else on earth is stupid except you. I also know about photosynthesizing organisms and how chlorophyll works , why plants are green etc I worked for a biotech company you ******* ******* know it all piece of ****! **** OFF!

for your information plants don't bleed and most of them are green but that's beside the point. I get that you are angry about vegetarians voicing their opinion but If we have to listen to saying we're pecies of **** then I think it's only fair we get to call you a degrading name for voicing your opinion! Oh and just to get up your arse why don.t you look up the video "meet your meat". actually just to be nice i"ll post a link! and i DARE you to watch it and comment!

More vegan propaganda, most of that is staged by animal activists and then filmed. I recently watched "Earthlings", sorry not impressed or moved, just more nonsense and a waste of time,no I will not give up meat, fur, leather, or keeping pets.

Very rational I agree, my take on it is that animals are NOT sentient beings they are animals, using them is very much like using plants.

I LOVE ANIMALS!! I EAT THEM AND WEAR THEIR SKINS!!!!!! Now that may sound contradictory, but I have always liked and admired animals. I do think being cruel to an animal for no reason is wrong, but I see nothing wrong with the use of animals for food and other uses!! I love fishing, ( fish are food , and a very healthy food!!!)and see nothing wrong with it yet I do believe in sustainable fishing methods for both sport and commercial fishing.There is nothing wrong with hunting, but as long as you eat and use what you kill!!( Their are irresponsible so-called "hunters" that take only the antlers or horns as a trophy and waste perfectly usable and healthy meat). I think farm animals should be treated better, fed a healthy diet and more comfortable environment until slaughter time. ( Actually grass-fed beef is healthier and better tasting than feed lot beef!!) But I see nothing wrong with the use of meat, poultry or eggs.I believe in conservation, but not radical environmentalism, Humans have a right to exist too!!!I see nothing wrong with the use for fur.leather, silk, wool, or snakeskins, I use &wear these on a frequent basis and feel Proud!!!

Your about as wrong as you can bee, animals may have some intelligence but they are not sentient by a long shot, animals don't ponder philosophy, or ethics (ever notice how they eat their own young on a regular basis?) <br />
As to humans having "no importance whatsoever to the world" WHO CARES the wold is a THING we are people again conscious sentient this world or any other is here for the taking their is NO ONE ELSE HERE I could care less about **** roaches or weeds or any of that stuff, no one is going around kicking dogs or what ever else to make them suffer unless their getting off on it or something and those people don't count any way, theirs something wrong with them. <br />
as long as this place holds together well enough to support me and others like me that's all that maters.

Oh I see you sit in quiet protests. Your basically protesting my right to eat what I want wear what I want and believe what I want. So that's nothing but a thinly veiled method of forcing your views on others anyway.<br />
<br />
These animals have no voice. Ever wonder why? It's because they ARE NOT SENTIENT BEINGS when was the last time some rabbit had a conversation with you? (though I wouldn't be surprised if you actually sat down with a rabbit and talked to it for a couple of hours maybe interviewed it for one of your peta news letters or something) They feel pain true, when I shoot an animal I go for the kill shot but I have enough brains to know I just shot an animal not the president. <br />
"would you like to be killed the way they are can i eat you?" What kind of stupid ignorant drivle is this? Do you think your talking to a three year old or a retard? Their ******* animals! If I was an animal I would be to stupid to have much concept of what was happening any way what the **** difference would that make? How ******* dare you even make a comparison between a human being and some dog or cockroach what in the living **** is wrong with you?

i am an animal rights person but i dont destroy buildings or trown paint at people not all of us are so in your face i sit in quiet protests giving people the facts about what they are eating and what they are doing to the animals these animals have no voice so we speak for them they feel the pain the same as we do would you like to be killed the way they are can i eat you? would you like that i dont force my beliefs on people its up to you what you do so good luck in what ever yous do

The point is that fish have about as much brains as a cockroach the are not sentient beings they are food