Funny As Hell!

I was reading an entry on a animal rights sight by some whacko who was ranting about not wearing fake fur. I got interested because I was wondering just how crazy they were capable of getting. I thought she was actually upset that people were wearing fake fur. Maybe she thought it mocked the holocaust of little weasels and what not that they make fur coats out of. I had no  idea but knowing that someone that thinks animals are little people in fur coats is capable of just about anything I had to take a look.

Turns out that wasn't the case at all but what she was really talking about turned out to be side splittingly funny! Seems that not all fake fur is actually fake!

Can you imagine the self righteous piece of **** smugly putting on their fake fur, trotting outside smug in the knowledge that they are so so much better than those murders that wear fur! Than, it starts to rain, the "fake" fur gets wet the douche bag begins to suspect something is up when their nostrils fill with the smell of wet dog! Ha ha ha ha can you imagine what went through their mind? NO! It cant be!, DOG, I smell dog! ha ha ha ha . Oh how I'd love to put together a video of this on you tube it would be SO damn funny!

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1 Response Mar 15, 2010

****** A you goofy looking bastard.