Cocktail Anyone?

When I first suffered my breakdown, I was put on several medications....seroqoel, ambien, zoloft, xanax...then changed to prozac insted of zoloft...others didn't seem to work....celexa, lexapro, depakote...I was even on neurontin for a while. I finally quit the seroqel. after several years i felt I didn't need it anymore. Long story short, I am now on valium, lunesta, effexor, abilify, and for pain management because of my degenerative disc disease I am on percocet and sometimes vicodin, skelaxin (a muscle relaxant), and lunesta to help me sleep from time to  time. . I wonder sometimes if the meds do more harm than good, but I see a difference when i go without. Some ocviously cause withdrawal if you stop taking them cold turkey. My hardest realization is that I actually do still need some of these meds to function. *sigh* I hate being this way.

I am reading and reseacrhing alternative methods, including acupuncture, but insurance doesn't cover much of it. I am also reseraching diet and exercise, but this depressive cycle kills my otivation, not too mention my time contraints. But I guess if you are serious, you have to go through that door and close it behind you. No going back until you come out the other side. Closing that door scares me.

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That is quite a list of drugs you have going and yes some are addictive for sure as for more harm than good that may be too. I suggest you take a look a this link. <br /><br /><br />
and yes I am a fan of Mr. Whitakers after 18 year of being drugged and 2.5 in withdrawal I feel I can offer some insight. Yes some drugs on you list I have taken and they have bad withdrawal but there is help.

Form my experience diet and exercise does help. Sadly its hard to sick to.

I love walking when the weather is warm, and I do get a lot of physical exercise at work, but I am thinking about getting a stationary bike.

I hope you find some alternatives to at least some of the medications you're using now.<br />
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I'm usually lousy when it comes to any kind of exercise routine, but lately I've been doing sit-ups and push-ups when I wake, later in the day and when I go to bed.<br />
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Not a comprehensive exercise regimen, but it's a start. I've been on medication for about 8 years now; only for depression, so I guess I have it easy.<br />
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I do a lot of walking too. I have a driver's licence, but no car.<br />
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I can relate to not having the motivation or energy to be bothered doing any exercise. It's taken me a long time to get to this point where I feel that I can attempt something on a regular basis.<br />
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One thing that kept putting me off was the idea that I needed to be doing a range of exercises to be doing any exercise at all; like you'd be able to do in a fully equipped gym. Going to a gym is outside my budget (and not really something that's ever been attractive to me. I'd much rather train in peace and quiet at home).<br />
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I finally got impatient and decided "Ok, I can't do a lot here, but doing something should be better than nothing". I could feel myself physically getting less and less able as the years go by. I didn't like that.<br />
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I haven't been doing it long, but already I feel better.