I Am Meeting Some Amazing People

 Being on this site I have meet some amazing people. Reach out read stories, comment,  meet people out of you circle, give people a chance. We do not all look alike we do not all have to think alike but oh you could be missing a great friend if you don't try

goahead goahead
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7 Responses Mar 10, 2010

Thank you catwhiskers .

Hello!<br />
I agree...there are some amazing people here.<br />
People like you for example, you are lovely!<br />
Wonderful to meet you!<br />

ceywat, glad you found us think you will like it here just be careful anyplace you go there are those that like conflick and some you just don't want to talk to

I deeply appreciate your warm thoughts..Thank you..:)

It is only the snakes I stay away from

And then there are all the animals you run into here.... Cats, dogs, ferrets, and cattle...

Glad i did just that my friend ,love nattering to you.