Going Away From Texas

Things have already gotten better. My heart is still somewhat of a clusterfuck, but this condition isn’t particularly painful, or even unpleasant. I felt like a snake, long and cold and resting, waiting in completion of my natural cycle of consumption. This idea is shocking, but indeed I do prey. I shouldn’t be attracted to Teddy, for he prays too. The strength of our relationship has considerably diminished; it was not properly cultivated and has thus expired. I believe this to be a sad development. I did truly like him. I got the abrupt news that our friend Nicole was leaving Texas. This also made me sad. I thought about our friendship for a while this morning. I recalled her singing in the office and she made me think of brunch. She had been the lucky soul I commanded to inform Teddy that I fancied him. Suddenly, while remembering the happiness of this period a smell of lavender invaded my heart. It was a distinct and beautiful sensory memory. The scent stayed with me for the rest of the day.

brusselss brusselss
22-25, F
Mar 4, 2010