I met a guy online around this time last year right before I began an intensive 21 month program. Everything about him seemed right and perfect. He was a gentleman, he stayed on the phone with me for hours and was just so sweet.

We met, and I just was so taken by his blue-green eyes, confidence and beautiful smile. He was even more perfect that I could have ever imagined. Our date began and we actually closed the resturant down. And when I went to leave, I chose (unwisely) to stay the night and we made love and made some sort of agreement to be in a relationship.

I never met anyone who made me laugh as much as he did, made me feel as pretty/sexy as he did, made me feel as loved as he did.

Fast forward to this year, I am still in my program however our love, well his love for me *if it ever existed* has died. I have a broken glovebox, an extra 10k miles on my car, $3,000 poorer, a scar between my eyebrows, and countless memories of seeing texts from other women or him telling me how awful I was in bed or random punches to the eye/across the face.

I wish I had never met him. He promised me marriage and babies. He introduced me to his friends and family. He took care of me after a major surgery. He also had over 5 other women he was dealing with and a couple were either pregnant, miscarried or aborted. He called me old and said I would be single the rest of my life.

I hate all men. forever
lilanie lilanie
Aug 16, 2014