I Feel A Great Resistance To Improvement And I Hate It In Every Way. So Of Us Are Brighter Then Others And We Suffer For It. Because We Are Considerate Enough To Know The Difference. Considerate To Make Sure Before We Influence Others Lives In Negativeway

angry at stupid inconsiderate people
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19 Responses Jan 12, 2013

one problem some really bad stupid people have power due to money
two some people hurt other and change others lives without getting the story straight
three prejudice and power
four lack of protection of the right people
five protection of the wrong people

A human caught in a challenge I didn't want or ask for. I am not surprised it found me. Unfortunely!!!!!!!

But it might sound as if I think I know everything, but I am just a human guessing.

I hope someone reads this and I get to share with a truely decent person.

I believe GOD is kinder then we .know. We assume but were wrong. Evil has had a long time to develop a plan. And GOD does not need us but he probably wants to help us. But I think we have to ask and to worship god.

Ask god to protect us from our stupidity
like car accidents and at work accidents
GOD can do anything he thinks in right

It is not god in my opinion causing the blocking but make the best out of the situation.
Hey when evil makes you wish you were dead because it will not leave your mind alone. Start praying! Start calling god into this messed up world. This world that hasn't seen jesus for 2000 years. And tell god about the abused children and animals.

but hey I am not saying I agree or approve this method being
block a person so bad that they beg for help. I think it is horrible and if god was resposible
i would be surprised. I dont think he is. I think evil is. Evil is hurting the world in every way possible. The good people that care and are crazy enought to help are being abused.

maybe if the decent peopl took time to think about stuff
and what stuff going on in the world today is bothering them
and they ask it would help

I though maybe biological
but it isn't
the truth is we need god
we need to ask god to work even more in the world
for those mentally blocked
i bet you are a decent person
i bet
just think about yourselve for a minute
now listen if there is a god
and he wants to help the world who would he want to ask him for help
i think he would want the decent people to ask

As you can tell it makes me angry
That I have to deal with metal block
Being the type of person I am I tried everything
I also tried understanding why
I found giner and cloves help a lot for consentration

People god can do all
stop taking the blame for something you didnt do
there is only one jesus
if you are metally blocked start praying
becase life is hard, sad and messed up enough without mental block

if you play with witch craft for example you are acting as god in someone eleses life
I believe those beings should be punished in every way.

life is hard enough
and this test from god is difficult enough
without having a metal block
gods way never had a metal block
god should have the power

people who think things going on like hurting the innocent and abusing those who can't defend themselves are important. People who given an oppurtunity would make the world a better place. Those are the people that are metally blocked. Because lack of prayer. Free will is extremely important.

Metally blocked is a battle between good and evil

injustic is going on in all levels

being metally blocked should not be a part of the human experience

I feel we need to start caring about free will. We need to open our eyes and punish the harmful evil beings more and protect the harmless.