Im At A Place In Life Where I Feel Stuck

In November my husband lost his job. By his iincome being the only one since I lost my job things started going down hill. First we had all our bills stack up like a huge mountain then we weren't a to pay rent. In febuary we got evicted and became homeless. It's really nothing new I mean we have been here before. Thing is I didn't think we would be back at this same spot. We finally found someone to take us in. My son and husband are my heart but through these hard times it's really hard to be happy and wear a smile. It's now April and we are still living with my brothers exgirlfriend. It's really hard because she don't want us here just as much as we don't want to be here. Finally my husband found a good job and hopefully things will look up soon. If they don't imam going to die or go crazy.
Pinkyk83 Pinkyk83
26-30, F
1 Response Apr 18, 2011

Well at least you access to a computer and the internet. Maybe you could work at an online job.