Why Are Some Men Nice Then Total Jerks??

I was friends with someone who seemed to be a really nice guy at first and our friendship eventually turned to a "friends with benefits" thing. Not the smartest move maybe but don't judge! For about a month we do our thing, uncomplicated, no strings attached, just comfortable and casual. He's being really sweet calling me 'hun' and such. Then just abruptly out of nowhere he texts me, mad because I mentioned our sleeping together to his best friend whom is also a friend of mine. I ask him why would simply mentioning it to our mutual friend be a problem and he goes off on this tangent of how he has no friends because being dead makes leaving easier and that even though I'm sorry to hear he feels that way and won't judge a grown man for making the decisions he does that it doesn't matter anyway.

Now he won't look me in the eye, refuses to speak to me, and is outright hostile anytime I try to initiate any sort of contact, indirectly calling me names that would make a sailor blush. I'm giving him his space and being as nice and courteous as I can manage but I don't deserve the way he's treating me! It HURTS every time he acts like a jerk towards me and I'm sick of being easily reduced to tears! It's not that I got emotionally attached necessarily, it's that someone whom I thought was a friend just turned on me without warning and is being vicious! What did I do wrong?? Am I being overly emotional on this? Maybe I'm just crazy
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1 Response May 4, 2012

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