How Can I Get Round This ?

Six years ago, my brother died and left most of his money to a millionaire businessman. I was left £52,000.
I was on social security. I never got on with my brother. Whenever a relative died (including my parents) he took everything - money and possessions.
I did not want any of the money left to me because, to me, it was nothing but blood-money, the way he had acquired it.
I went to the DSS and told them of the money, and was advised that I could only keep a maximum of £16,000 and would need to get rid of the rest. But I didn't want ANY of it.

It was coming up winter of that year, and I saw someone selling the 'Big-Issue' in town. It turned out that this guy was a homeless chef. This was verified to me by the Police when I asked the local Bobby about him.
It was the usual story, he couldn't get a job because he had no address, and couldn't get an address without a job.
As it was freezing cold, I offered to rent a flat for him. I paid the deposit, and enough rent to help him on his way.
The next day, he got a job ! Really, I was so happy for him.

In order to get rid of the rest of the money, I bought a small house in Bulgaria and another one which I turned into an animal sanctuary.
I also helped a number of local people and charities.

But, never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine the trouble I was about to bring on myself, and to the poor animals I thought I was helping to live out their lives without fear in a country where animals are very low in the pecking order of things.

A married couple of, so-called 'Friends' decided that what I had done was illegal, and proceeded to stab me in the back.
I first became aware that there was something wrong when people in my town were giving me the cold-shoulder.
Eventually, one of them told me of the nasty rumors that were circulating (most of which are too nasty to be repeated here).
Amongst the 'Nicer' of the rumors was that I regularly beat up my wife of 40 years (who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis) and that I kept her a prisoner ! My wife, herself, soon scorched these rumors !
I ended up taking out a legal injunction against these people.after receiving a number of death threats from the public. I reported the matter to the Police - who done NOTHING !

Not content with what they'd already done, this couple proceeded to report me to the DSS. I had (mistakenly) thought that everything was right with the DSS as I had been completely upfront with them and acted on their advice. Boy, was I WRONG !
The fraud squad made a meal of me.
The first thing that had to go were the houses in Bulgaria. I pleaded with them to leave the animal sanctuary alone but, no, they wanted blood - and they definately got it !

They claimed that I had not declared the legacy, and had no right to get rid of it, even though I could account for every penny.
I told them I had went into the office personally and declared it, and subsequently acted on the advice they had given me. But they would not listen, they were just beying for blood !

The saddest day was on Christmas eve, 2010, when I had to give the order for all the animals I was caring for - to be SHOT !
My guts still wrench at this memory of having let them all down, but the property had to be sold, and there was no place to put them.
I honestly hope that the couple who caused all this die a horrible and painful death - and burn in hell, if there is one !

To add to it, the DSS, the Council, Tax man, and Housing Association now wanted their chunk of flesh !
The Baillifs were ordered in. The Council wanted a dead body, and I am paying off nearly £25,000 to the Housing Association just to let me stay in this tiny house.. The DSS are leaving me with practically very little to live on, and I had to get £3000 on credit card debt to pay the Council Tax as I could not afford the £100 per week they wanted off my lower Pension Credit income.

For several years I have been planning an act as an entertainer, and was getting everything together in the hope that, one day, I can break the chains of the DSS. I actually went as far as discussing my plans with the DSS - ONLY TO BE TOLD THAT I WILL BE SENT TO JAIL IF I TRY TO DO ANY WORK !

Because of all the debt, I cannot possibly come off the DSS - Yet, I'm threatened with prison if I try to better myself and get off DSS income once and for all. It just does not make any bloody sense !
I'm not lazy, I want to work, but serious health issues - and my age - make it impossible, unless I can work for myself.
Can anyone tell me how to break these chains - I do not want to die on DSS income, but unless I can pay the debts off, I am under constant threat - but they won't allow me to work a little bit to pay the debts. I know that a lottery win is totally out of the question, but all I want is the freedom to pay my debts off and live life again.

Believe it or not, I asked the DSS " If I win £30,000 on the lottery, would I be allowed to keep it ? " The answer was an emphatic "No" .

What was that about the Prime Minister wanting everyone into work ? Bull !

I am so so angry with the lack of freedom in this country. It is all I'm asking for - to break the chains of this repressive regime.

Here's the good part ! I have learned that this couple are presently under Police investigation for Forgery - Fraud - and Sexual Offenses against young girls ! Nice one !
FreedomHunter FreedomHunter
61-65, M
May 13, 2012