Scared Of People

How do you tell people who you come to care about the important stuff? How do you explain why being around too many people can paralyze you? How without realizing you hold your breath because somebody sat next to you on the bus. Or how do you explain to the guy you love why you wont let him touch you at all. How long can he really be patient before he leaves you because your becoming too much to handle. How do you explain why you wont talk about your childhood or why you blocked it out. What do you do when people ask why your scared to be touched? How do you learn to be normal again. I'm trying to be ok just give me time.... maybe one day I can put the past behind and the flashbacks will leave me alone.....
WhoseMe WhoseMe
22-25, F
2 Responses May 19, 2012

yeah not fun at all.<br />
Thanks your right of course, cant run forever. Its just finding the time to deal with it and try to get someone to understand

Agoraphobia...such fun. Not.<br />
<br />
((((Hugs))))<br />
<br />
I've found that bad things in the past can't be run from forever.