Here I Sit-in My Box

so, here i sit-
in my box
on the verge
of blacking out.
a boy riddled
as a father whittles
a 'gentleman'
from the devils mouth.
intoxicated aggression
unhealthy obsession
teaches the boy
a mans clout.

a young man with the
world at command
hot tempered, indeed
a devils disease
spread since
john appleseed.
deceptive relations
new sensations
the young man
starts to concede.

a man and a wife
cheater for a life
cheat her of life
as she dangles
no struggle for life.
an old man smiles
and whittles for a while
as a man traces his wrist with a knife.

so here i sit-in my box,
on the verge
of blacking out
wounded, impaired
bleeding with despair
no father, no cares.
and the pain
slowly trickles out.

7 Responses Jan 12, 2013

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This is like totally awesome n how im feelin rite now...sept that im a gurl ;) thanx 4 riting this!

This how I am feeling now to. Accept thit I'm a guy

I baleve u ned help
This is goodly wroten
But u needs help way badly.
This is gud potry to

Lol! TIs gud potery lol. Is wesh I cud rit thus goodly more.

Good writing.
U need help
But good writing,
Non theless.

Those of us with the biggest need for help are also those that have the best creative there.

very thought provoking.

......but u r cummant isntest.

improvised poetry...sorry of its a bit morbid.

GUd potery