Our Scars Mean Something

i struggled with the trauma of my past for years. it began with the discovery of my 18 mo. old brother's dead body when i was 4 yrs old. it then moved through trouble with my parents, their manipulations and abuse and into my going to work full time at age 12. the cycle was horrific as it drove down into alcohol, drug and sexual activity/habits/addictions by the high school years. worse yet was a bet that resulted in a marriage. but an outrageous conversation and an eternal decision changed much of that. however, it wasn't until i put the whole thing into words that i was finally able to properly deal with all of it. for those interested(not trying to make money, i have a very good day job) the book is entitled Euclid Avenue, Our scars mean something. the press release can be seen at eloquentbooks.com/euclidavenue.html. excerpts are on facebook in my photo album under R Keith Rytaran. the book is also available at amazon.com, barnes & noble, books & co, books-a-million, borders and select hallmark book stores. just trying to be a help to someone.

rytaran rytaran
4 Responses Dec 15, 2009

Yes especially when u been beat with sticks it does stick with yall

that kind of stuff really stick with ya

yea they dont go away but you learn to work through them i guess...i think it will always hurt, but idk...

I have suffered too, and the scars both mentally and physically still remain. i'm glad you tackled this and even got a book publishing from it. good on you.