It's Hard To Forget About

People treat me like how I was treated in my past, everywhere I go. I keep re-experiencing the trauma & abuse from different & newer people. It hurts, & I only have a couple of friends who truly care & understand. It's not fair! Why me?

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i can relate to your story, i will tell you what has worked for me, instead of trying to shut out the pain and the anger and let it beat you down, let them in, let it make you stronger, trust me anger and agony are more useful then misery and defeat, this might not work for you but something to consider, take care

All you need are a couple of friends to help and support you. In our class, we have a poster with all these "rights" on. And one of them says:<br />
"Children have the right to be loved and respected."<br />
Maybe you could mention this to your parents? I used to be a goth and it cramps you. You have to be so black and moody and it really isn't fun at all. Now I am a happy and lively person and I have a great best friend who I now would never ever betray me or be happy. I value her, and I don't cling on to her but I keep sticking on extra la<x>yers of glass to our window so we have a beautiful friendship. So <br />
value your friends tightly. You're not alone.

You are not alone and your sensitivity doesn't mean you are neurotic and need to see a shrink. You are just a nice person, unlike so many others. Just be happy for the few friends you have, as that's all we need, one or two good friends who understand us.

Sometimes really kind gentle people in our world get mistreated because they aren't built for the tough society we live in today. It is hard to hit back at injustice and intolerance when you aren't that way yourself and have difficulty understanding why others are so mean spirited. I am not young and still experience bad treatment from people who appear what we term "popular and charming" yet insensitive. Don't forget that psychopaths are charming on the outside but cruel inwardly. I have come to the conclusion most people aren't worth being great friends with, as most people due to their innate selfishness are abusive, especially towards those they think they can use and abuse. For me the only way I can protect myself against them is to avoid them, basta, book closed.