Yeshoua Is A Life!

I am a jewish from my mother and i died twice ,twice ELOHIM bring me back in my body i love GOD,but i have a psychiatric wikness and now i want to share my testimony mabe with a book or a site please pray and encourage me to do that because i am so week and lonely, my life as so desert.i am glad to meet another believer in YESHOUA its a gift,iam also pray for meet a messianic woman for married,and hope exist one to be ready to accept me like i am,YESHOUA make so much in my life and i cant give hem back wath he done from me i can give hem all my heart and my love.ברוך אתה ה' אבינו ואלוהינו שנתן לנו את ישוע כדי שנחיה ולא נמות.אמן.
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First off yeshua is real. ignore them other haters. PTL that you believe in the messiah that he was god and not just a carpenter man who taught things. I do understand having mental health issues I was born with chemical imbalcne due to my mo ther having me at 15 and also being depressed while pregnant with me. but anyway, welcome and let me know if you have any more questions. Praise Yahweh and I will be praying for you. :) May the Lord, Adonai bless your and keep you, and shine his face upon you, give you a future and a hope. amen.

You will feel so much better if you turn to Torah and get to a Shul. Following a carpenter probally wont get you too far. I like going to CHABAD house with my dad. You should try it. Being Jewish is so wonderful. Messianic Jew is silly because every Jew is messianic. The messiah that will come is supposed to do stuff like rebuild the temple and make Israel a worl power and bring all Jews home to Israel. The carenter guy fell really short. Sorry but you are a Jew and I pray you teshuva.

Yeshoua i meet hem personaly is not a religion is the gift of ELOHIM FOR ARE sins delit and crimes he is not changing the think outside but his shehina operate inside your hearf he show us how much ELOHIM the father love us and YESHOUA give us three mitsvot to love ELOHIM ,love your prochain and love your friend like he loves them,because its no more love to give your life for your friend or brother,tell me wath YESHOUA done teaching forgiving healing feet died for us like a lamb the son of GOD,rasing to the dead and liberate the captifs in hell,the sin come to this world from one man adam,from one man ,(pure without sins )the sin come out,please before you reject the gift of ELOHIM,Read ESAIA 53.

The carpenter guy only taught some basic Jewish stuff. Read Pirki Avot or Talmud, which all are before the carpenter. He just said the same stuf that Jews believe. He was not a shepard. All Jewish Messiahs have been shepards. Every single one! Moses, Aaron, Joshua, Gideon, David, Solomon, all were shepards, not carpenters. You are a Jew. What are you doing? He is not from the tribe of David, which Moshiach will be. He has no Father, right? Well then he has no tribe. Did he unite all of Israel and make Israel a world power? No. and in Torah, no human sacrifice can atone for sin. Actually, sacrifice does not atone for sin. Repentance does. I don't want to hurt you or upset you but you are a Jew and there is somethng so much better for you. What country are you from?

amen.. Isaiah 53 and a lot of other chapters predicted the coming of yeshua.. anyone who does not have a pagan heart will notice. :) and anyone that is not as blind as the Pharisee will notice as well.

Isaiah 53 is, well, 53. How about reading 1-52? Isaiah 53 is by no means a complete picture of the messiah. Really, it talks about his bad days and the crap he will have to deal with, much like Moses. Not about a story-book death on a piece of wood. Read past 53 and about the Lion of Judah. You follow a carpenter, not a lion. A Jewish messiah that would allow man to kill him? That is utterly ubsurd. Oh yeah, and about the whole Isiah thing, well, do you read Hebrew? I do. Every Jewish child should. In Hebrew, the words are a bit different. Instead of pierced, the Hebrew means, well, go look it up.

In eden in a eternel dimension was two threes life and noledge after the desobidence a third three use the couple the regne of the "flesh"animals an human"
Use the vegetal regne ..
You can start a jewish objective and pragmatique reflexion from here i am not here for revendicate one wiew we are all diferent ...died for are kidoush a shem its not a human sacrifice i can died from my son! For my country for my mother for my idea,
Is it an human sacrifice?forget the religion start to build an independant resherch.
In love.

אני דובר עברית שותף.

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