Well I used to be a Messianic until I got on Facebook for saying my brother has changed in a bad way for being a Messianic because he starts shaking his head without knowing why, doing some odd movements with his hands, I don't want to say it is Demonic activity, but pray about it and I am worried about him too. They told me I am pushing my brother away from the Messianic faith. If your brother does not know the Torah then he is back sliding then I said you are brain washing people making them believe in the Torah. They attacked me saying I bad mouth them. They say I trash God. They told my brother that I said they were in a colt and I am done with it. I am done with Facebook because to much drama for me. Messianics do the Jewish holidays and love Jesus too. Please tell me more about the Messianic faith here. Please help me understand it too. I know they celebrate Shabbat on Friday. They celebrate Sabbath on Saturday what else would you like to tell me.
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Your brother is controlled by demons. He is in danger. When he is not in manifestation ask him to confess his sins ask for forgiveness in Jesus name. After that cast out the demons out of his body.

He needs many prayers. Could you fasting for him so the demons won't come to his body. He will experience the attack but he must keep his faith to Jesus.