I Am a Messianic Hebrew Roots Searching Believer!

I was raised in the christian church and always felt that something was missing. I searched all through many denominations trying to find what was missing. I was handed a copy of Fossilized Customs, By: Lew White 7 years ago. That was the begining of my journey into the truth. My learning that much of what the church had taught me all my life was pagan based. That our Messiah's name had been changed. The 10 Commandments that we claimed to obey and cherish, we did not obey the 4th Commandment to Keep the Sabbath set apart. Through much learning, searching and seeking... Finally at the age of 36 I am at peace with YHVH and know that Yahushua is the Messiah! What a beautiful journey it has been, and i look forward to much more to come!
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I am happy do you keep it up! I am glad the lord showed me... I still suck at keeping the Sabbath though. it is hard to keep the Shabbat since it starts when the sun goes down so it feels like it is two days Friday and Saturday and if you were brought up a Christian then u are used to simply sundays. but I aint worshipping no sun so I no longer feel comfortable celebrating on a sunday.

Wonderful story, hopefully there will be more people like you searching for God (Elohim) of Israel.<br />
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Yahushua is the Messyah of Israel!<br />
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Also wanted to add that Christ is a wrong term, it is a pagan term, it is not the same as Messyah as christianity claims, it is corruption of pagan satanic catholic church. Messiyah exactly means covered with oil, from sc<x>riptures we know that when Elohim chose a king for Israel, He ordered to cover or smear or pour his head with olive oil, this is the exact meaning of that word, covered with oil into being a king over Israel.<br />
The word christ exactly means "good" or "excellent", it was a neme of pagan gods, before they corrupted the Jewish Messyah Yahushua into pagan sun god Jesus Chtist there had been Helos Christ, Mithras Christ, Osiris Christ, maybe some more more pagan gods by the name of christ, even name of Krishna means christ.<br />
Jesus is also corruption.<br />
All the thermonology of the sc<x>riptures has been corrupted, even the word Bible is corrution, Bible was goddess, the granddaughter of Apollo. Christian Satanism.

I have also read Lew White's "Fossilized Customs." I like it. There's nothing like the light of truth to cut through the darkness of lies that have been foisted on the "church." I would like to find someone that would like to discuss an alternate to December 25 birth of Meshiach that is not at Succot. I believe Yahushua was born on Shabbat HaGadol before Pesach, and I think I can account for the arguments made for Succot. I believe December 25 is the most popular, yet least likely time for Yahushua's birth. I think the Fall Feast of Succot is a less popular, yet more likely time for the birth of the Son of Yahuah. However, I believe with perfect faith that Shabbat HaGadol (Nisan 10) is the least popular, yet most likely time for the birth of the Mashiach.

Expound more on what you mean. <br />
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I belive that the God of the old testement (Jehova/Yahushua however you want to spell it) is the Messiah (Hebrew), the anointed/the christ(Greek). Jesus of Nazereth was the long prophesied saviour that came in the meridian of time. He was Jehova in the flesh and condecended to live among us show us the way and most improtant, perfom the miraculous atonment in the garden of Gethsamane and on the cross. <br />
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Do you adhere to any particular religion? Is Messianic an organized religion?