Third Generation Mexican-american

I was raised in Los Angels and from a barrio called Jimtown in the city limits of Whittier, Calif.
My mother was Mexican and my father was Native American from Arizona. All my life I was told that I should be proud of my heritage and culture and was shown the traditions and customs of my family roots. From going to church every Sunday to celebrating every Mexican holiday and tradition. I have never like being called a Latina or Hispana, or pocha. Chicana is also not in my vocabulary. My parents wanted me to continue my education and never gave up on me or my dreams. Though my mother insisted that I learn the basics of housekeeping and all that surrounds that, cooking and cleaning for when I got married and showed me how to work hard from a young age, she always wanted more for us, meaning my other sisters and brother she never let me forget where I came from and the culture that made us what we are. To enjoy life and love all that surrounds us and to give as we are given, and to love all that is around us. Up until than I never knew what my mother meant when she would say those words until I went on a trip to visit my mother-in-law in Mexico. The people are so warm and loving and give to you without measure and expect nothing back. I saw the beauty of my culture in it's finest and the rich colors that are Mexico. There are many different cultures in Mexico and not just Mexican. Mexico is a hot pot of cultures and you need to travel to see it, for it is a beautiful and warm country. I am again proud to be here in the United States and be a Mexican-American. How about you?
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I also grew up in JIMTOWN HOYO in my teens, my mom born in San Jose, Ca. My Dad in Jerome, Az. Went to Dexter middle school, Graduated from Whittier High in 1970. I was kinda a square when I moved into JTH, I either had to join the crowd or be an outcast, I chose to be one of the homies. They called me Horse.

I'm proud of my roots too. This is beautifully written and full of truth. There's nothing like embracing where you come from and everything that ties together to give you pride in who you are. :)