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I was born in Texas to an American mother and a Mexican father. I lived in CO until I six when we moved to Mexico I was always raised as an American. I guess my culture is more American eventhough I speak perfect Spanish with a Mexico City accent. We are a small family and we don't follow a lot of Mexican traditions. Sometimes I don't feel proud of that Mexican part of me, especially when I see Mexican-Americans acting really guetto when in actual Mexico we don't act guetto either we live in little rural towns but they do exist here. I am having trouble accepting my second nationality because I am afraid people might think I sound like a chicana. In Mexico I am very pale and in the US I am really dark, but when I buy makeup I am always the lightest colors. This summer I went to a course in New York and one of the director's was from South America. We were all from Latin America and talking, but my friend that was blonde said that people think that Latins are brown haired and dark and they kept staring at me akwardly. I felt a little offended and my hair is light brown. Mexico is a warm and beautiful country but ignorant people think that it is a rural place with no education and that everybody is a drugdealer or involved with Carteles. Does anyone feel the same way as I? Does anyone have a comment or opinion?
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i live in arizona, and most of us know that there is as many different mexicans as there are americans

Be proud. Take the best from your ancestors. Have the strength to break barriers. My life has been fueled by that motto. Soy Mexicana. My first language is Spanish. I am the first to graduate from college in my entire family. My father was a field worker his brothers where drug dealers. I can flawlessly change from Spanish (for my Tia's, abuelos, and parents) to English and not flinch. My parents gifted me that power. I dream in Spanish and pray in Spanish. I was blessed to hold strong to my belief that you never should be ashamed of your roots. I can dance. I can play sports and did even when my parents where against because of my cultures belief of what a female's role should be. I would warm my dad his tortillas and then go back to my homework on my own. I can make tamales by scratch, I love Banda music but I can also dance ballroom. I take kickboxing but can dance a tango. i am kind to men. I can surf and can go to my uncles ranch in santa Maria, Cali and run a horse. I enjoy when a man opens a door for me but don't need him to pay my bills. Take the best of all your upbringing. You will love life and you will never feel shame. We are blessed to have these beautiful opportunities to make the best of such amazingly different outlooks. We were given two wells two drink from everyday. They were set apart by instance but we always knew w had two to count on. Much...

Ohn.... I was born in Cali. I went to college. First in the family and female. Love you culture I am an American and Mexican. I love the opportunities I was given.

Your Mexican you are a mix. I have French great grandfathers, Spanish garland father. Please Mexican you are mixed! My grandparents have blue eyes, green dark, light like me. It's in Mexico that skin color is seen as a status of wealth. Get over it. Give me a tan anytime.

But please know I love my parents for struggling and my father legally making an honest living. I love that they did I things the right way. Struggled but by the laws.

Forgive misspells. I got emotional.

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I am the daughter of a Mexican woman, who was born in the USA. She spent her adult life saying she was Spanish, not Mexican when people asked about her nationality. She was born in a small Kansas town and was one of the few families of color in this small town. I have been searching for my Mexican identity. I have tried to take Spanish and have never been successful at learning the language. I have been to Mexico for three times and enjoyed my time there.

I am sorry that you have had the experiences you have. Some people are so ignorant!
I too am offended by Mexican Americans that act ghetto. They are not only hurting themselves but their people at large.

Just keep putting yourself out there and be the good example of what a young Mexican American woman is all about!

Aw, that was sweet. I understand you 100% Thank you so much :)