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What You Really Need to Know About Mexicans In America

I'm sure you have attended an American or U.S History class at some point in your life and it left you with a brief history of our country's development over the years. Many Americans stereotype Mexican people, mistakenly blame them for America's economic and social problems, among other issues, and perpetuate an unflattering popular opinion of their position in our country. The purpose of this hub is to educate Americans about Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, and their role in America.

1. Mexicans really were here FIRST. California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico belonged to Mexico and were "negotiated" in the peace Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848; including a small portion of Arizona and New Mexico that was obtained through the Gadsden purchase in 1853. Although Americans were already squatting and invading the country, the peace treaty ended the Mexican American War. This treaty was intended to give the remaining Mexicans full American citizenship, according to Wikipedia "The treaty extended U.S. citizenship to Mexicans in the newly-purchased territories, long before blacks, Asians and Native Americans were eligible." The treaty also guaranteed the legitimacy of land and property rights of Mexicans remaining in America. However, all the legal paper work was in English not Spanish, the lawyers were undoubtedly Americans that charged Mexicans fees so high that they lost their properties as a result of false representation and lawyer fees.

2. What about Texas? Mexicans lived in Texas long before Mexico offered Americans large land grants to encourage economic growth. The only condition was that the American-Mexicans had to declare Mexican citizenship and pay Mexican taxes, when they refused, war inevitably broke out. By that time, Texas had so many Americans living there, that it was eventually an independent republic and latter annexed to the U.S.

3. Mexicans speak SPANISH. Just because you hear people speaking Spanish in your neighborhood doesn't mean they are here illegally. The majority of Mexicans continue to speak Spanish because it is the core of their culture and their native language. Just as you hear Italian-Americans speaking Italian, German-Americans speaking in German, and so-on, that is why you hear Mexicans speaking in Spanish. Other Hispanics and Latinos from Central and South America, including some caribbean countries such as Cuba and Puerto Rico, also speak Spanish. Therefore, they are NOT speaking Mexican, they are speaking in Spanish and it is offensive when people say things like "I didn't know you spoke Mexican."

4. Mexicans aren't the ONLY illegals! It is true that there are Mexicans entering the U.S illegally, there is no denying the economic hardships in Mexico forcing families to be torn apart to support each other.The truth of the matter is that it's not just Mexicans that are entering illegally and that is something most Americans fail to realize. It is easier to accept that it's just Mexicans crossing illegally because they are entering through the U.S/Mexico border. Many Central and South Americans enter the U.S by crossing through the U.S/Mexico border, but there has always been Arabs, Asians and Europeans crossing through as well. Most people would never think that Arabs, Asians and Europeans would be the culprits, but perhaps that's because not everyone has researched human trafficking into the U.S. Check out the U.S Border Patrol's website at: to see for yourself.

5. The jobs they are REALLY taking. How many poor Americans will swallow their pride and clean toilets for a living? Well, guess who is cleaning your offices after hours, your housekeepers/maids, and other bottom of the barrel jobs? How many American men will grab a lawn mower and start their own landscaping business in their communities just to make a buck? These men work under harsh working conditions and risk getting skin cancer, among other diseases and illnesses. How many Americans are willing to stand in unemployment line, or receive other government aid, that would rather stand outside of Home Depot looking for work? Yet, many Americans don't mind standing on the side of the road with a sign, begging for money... right? Mexicans have always been a great source for CHEAP labor because no one else will work for such little pay and under such harsh working conditions. Who do you think is breaking their backs picking your fruits and vegetables? Who is building your brand new house right now? You can drive by, take a look at almost any random construction site, you will see Mexicans sweating like burros to give you a roof over your head and trust me, they ain't makin' much! Mexican women are also a great source of labor because they will provide cheaper child and elderly care then your local day care center or old folk's homes. Besides, you don't want to change your parent's diapers or pay an arm and a leg for a baby sitter do you? Now, what American jobs do you think they are taking out from under you? Do you really think they are working for large corporations and taking all your money? No! They are only taking the jobs that everyone else is too sophisticated to work.

6. Mexicans really do PAY taxes in America! Oh my GOD! Say it ain't so! Do you really think there is an escape for ANYONE to avoid paying taxes in this country? HELL NO! The only two things that are certain in life: Death and Taxes! Let's think rationally for a moment. Where do you pay taxes? Everywhere! From the grocery store to the movie theater, Wallmart to Target, yes my friend, they pay taxes everywhere WE pay taxes!They are paying the same amount in outrageous gas prices and rising grocery bills as the rest of us. They have to pay the same utility bills as anyone else, every month. The only difference is that they don't make as much money as most Americans, and if you think they have any benefits or Worker's Comp. you are mistaken!

7. What about all the MONEY they send back home? Let's not be greedy America! We give money at church and other charities, yet, we get to write it off when we do our taxes. Let's get hypothetical and say that out of the $400 a month any Mexican makes (illegal or legal), after paying for their food, shelter, taxes and transportation, pretend they send about $50-$100 back home to help their families (which they cannot write off on their taxes). Is our economy really going to suffer from that loss? That money will get stretched a lot further in Mexico then it would here in the states. It will house, clothe and feed more people over there then here, and most importantly, who are we to tell anyone else what to do with THEIR money?

8. Mexican-Americans and MINIMUM WAGE. Most people take the minimum wage for granted and have no idea of the fight and struggle it took to get it. Have you ever heard of Cesar E. Chavez and the Farmworkers Union? Most of you haven't heard of him or his great contribution and legacy to America. Here is some background information about this great man: "César started the National Farm Worker Association to help improve the working conditions of farm workers. African Americans, Filipinos, white Americans, Mexican Americans and Mexicans, and men and women of all backgrounds joined César. César and the farm workers wanted the companies and growers that owned the farms to respect farm workers by providing them with fresh water to drink, bathrooms in the fields, and fair pay for a day's work. The companies and growers refused to treat the farm workers with respect and dignity. The growers did everything they could to stop César and the farm workers. They even turned to violence and hurt many farm workers and people who helped the farm workers." ( His efforts during the Civil Rights Movement eventually led to the establishment of the minimum wage. Unfortunately, not all farm workers continue to receive the minimum wage since they are not U.S citizens. The corporations that own the crops (American business men and women) will capitalize on the ignorance of illegal migrant workers from Mexico because they will work for less pay.

9. They aren't the ONLY people taking advantage of government aid. Everyone knows and has seen American citizens taking advantage of the system such as Worker's Compensation, Social Security, Welfare, Food Stamps, Disability, and many other government assistance programs, so why use Mexicans as a scapegoat? Everyone is doing it! People will come in from other countries for a couple months, get on aid, then go back to their country. One country guilty of this, besides Mexico, is the Philippines, many of whose male citizens join the U.S Navy while the rest fo their family stays back home. I have family and friends that work for government agencies and their biggest complaint is that it's not right that people from the Philippines, among other countries, bring in their elderly (who are given automatic citizenship) or pregnant women (who are not denied medical attention and whose children are automaticly citizens) to receive aid without ever working a day on American soil. The second complaint is when average Americans continue on aid without having a serious need, just laziness. Here's the biggest complaint of Welfare workers, women that continue to have kids, have never worked a day in their lives, living off of welfare, food stamps and section 8 housing, and never attempt to get on birth control, have an abortion, get their tubes tide, an education or a job! Let me be frank, many American women are guilty of this and have no intentions of giving back to society; so what do you think their kids have learned from their American mom's? Most will inevitably continue in their footsteps. How many times have you seen someone parking in the handicapped parking spaces and they looked perfectly healthy? I'm not suggesting that Mexicans don't have their hand in the cookie jar... they are just as guilty as everyone else. It just isn't fair to single out Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, accusing them of milking the system because when you take a really good look around, they aren't the only people sucking on the American government's ***.

10. Who's bringing in the DRUGS? It must be the Mexicans! Unfortunately, it isn't. Anyone who is familiar with the black market will tell you that the best (and cheapest) stuff comes from countries like Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua, and maybe a little bit of pot comes from Mexico. If you want some top notch marijuana, go to California, Oregon, and Washington or grow it at home with a hydroponic system. It doesn't take much to cook up something in your own back yard, haven't you seen the movie SPUN? *Check out:* Additionally, Arab and African countries also have some good stuff out there, it is just easier to transport it all to America through the Mexican border then point the finger at the Mexicans. If you really think about it in basic economic terms, if there wasn't a demand for drugs from Americans then there would be no need for a supply. You might try to argue that if there wasn't a supply, there would be no demand, but wake up and smell the smoke! There are no advertisements, commercials, local vendors or an illicit drug section at your local market! If someone wants to get high, they have to go look for it, and in most cases, someone always knows someone who can get it, because you can't ask mommy and daddy to get you some crack for Christmas! The real war on drugs is in your average American home, in your average American community, big or small.

11. What if they aren't IMMUNIZED? Not only do we fear everything mentioned this far, but we don't want any Mexican cooties! Let's go back in time before Mexico was invaded by Spain, before the Conquest, and all that fun stuff. Aztecs had running water, they bathed frequently, and it has been noted in history (including Spanish history) that Montezuma, the King of the Aztec nation, never wore the same clothing two days in a row. When the Spanish invaded, they had a little biological weapon known as Small Pox that destroyed the native peoples from Mexico, all the way down to the tip of Chile and Brazil. Since plagues were common in Europe, the native peoples in Mexico had no immunity to this biological weapon. Many Europeans did not bathe frequently and their soldiers would go for days in the same clothing and armor. According to an online article by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Tetrahedron, LLC at, he states that "Later, the successful Anglo-American genocide that decimated the native populations of North America was largely due to smallpox as well. The germ was intentionally presented in Army blankets given as "gifts" to the Indians." In addition, there are several religions that are opposed to vaccinations and other individuals that simply refuse to immunize their children. Mexico may not have the same immunizations and vaccination requirements as the U.S but the same risk is taken every time people from other countries, besides Mexico, enter the U.S. Do your research at: when you take a look at the site, notice the "Why immunize" tab for parents. As long as you and your children are immunized then there is rare chance that your family will catch any foreign cooties.

12. What about all the Mexicans crowding up our jails? Let's answer this question with some statistics about who is in federal and state jails and prisons from "The rate for white men was 736 per 100,000, for black men 4,789 per 100,000, for Hispanic men 1,862 per 100,000. The rate for white women was 94 per 100,000, for black women 358 per 100,000, and for Hispanic women 152 per 100,000." (Source: Sabol, William J., PhD, Minton, Todd D., and Harrison, Paige M., Bureau of Justice Statistics, Prison and Jail Inmates at Midyear 2006 (Washington, DC: US Department of Justice, June 2007), NCJ217675, p. 9, Table 14.) It's very hard to accurately state the exact amount of Mexican-Americans crowding up our jails because they are all lumped up into the Latino or Hispanic population, which includes individuals from other Spanish speaking countries south of Mexico and to the east in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, there seems to be more African-Americans in U.S prisons and jails then Hispanics and Whites and there isn't a statistic for Arabs, Asians or others in this source. Criminal activity isn't a Mexican problem, it is an American social problem.

13. Why are Mexican men GANGSTERS or Womanizers? This isn't a Mexican problem because Mexico doesn't have the same gang issues as America, the gangs here are a product of large populations in a small geographical area. Gangs aren't restricted to Mexican-Americans, while illegal Mexicans tend to hide in the shadows, gangs are an American problem that is the result of our failed education and economic system. Gangs aren't a cultural thing, it is a sub-cultural thing, there is a big difference. Speaking Spanish is a cultural thing, within the culture there is a sub-culture of gang affiliations but that doesn't mean all Mexicans are in gangs. If you take the time to do some research, there exists Asian gangs, African American gangs such as the Bloods and the Crips, and wouldn't it be safe to include the Mafia to the list? Womanizers come in all different shades, any woman will tell you that they can get honked at, whistled at, flirted with, anywhere they go by a variety of men, not just horny Mexicans. Although Latino men have always been thought of as great lovers, with the right techniques, any man can have the magic touch!

14. Mexicans cause problems in the American ECONOMY. According to, The Mexican Repatriation, which deported Mexican-Americans back to Mexico from 1929 to 1937, an estimated 500,000 Mexicans and Mexican-Americans (those born in the US.) "...were deported or "voluntarily repatriated" to Mexico. Approximately 60% of the people deported were children born in the U.S. and others who, while of Mexican descent, were legal citizens. During the Great Depression, Mexicans were viewed as usurpers of American jobs and a burden on social services such as relief aid. The Immigration and Naturalization Service targeted Mexicans because of "the proximity of the Mexican border, the physical distinctiveness of mestizos, and easily identifiable barrios." These actions were authorized by President Herbert Hoover and targeted areas with large Hispanic populations, mostly in California, Texas and Michigan. Although President Franklin Roosevelt ended federal support for the program when he took office, many state and local governments continued with their efforts. In 1924, the Quota Act of 1924 reduced immigration from Europe from over 1 million a year to less than 100,000, although exemptions were made for the Western Hemisphere, including Mexico. Following the onset of the Depression, the US government began an active drive against immigrants living illegally in the country. Announcing that there were 400,000 illegal immigrants in the U.S., Sec.of Labor William Doak ordered his agents to carry out provisions of the new law. They raided public and private places from New York City to Los Angeles. Between 1929 and 1935, some 163,900 people were deported from the country for being here illegally, of whom 35,000 were deported to Mexico, roughly 20% of the total."

Looks like our government needed someone to blame for the Great Depression. As many people believe we are entering a recession, and with talks of immigration reform always on the table, I fear that Mexicans may be targeted again. Personally, I don't think Mexicans are responsible for the rising grocery and gas prices or other economic crisis, because our government regulates and makes those decisions, don't they? The real problem in our economy stems from our politicians, not illegals or the American people. Politicians don't live paycheck to paycheck, the rich are still rich but there are more and more poor people because the American Middle Class is disappearing. When you think about it, the Middle Class was the group of border-line poor people that could finally afford to buy homes and contribute to the economy. With so many American losing their homes in foreclosures, they are virtually being forced into poverty. Our government needs to own up to their mistakes and quit trying to point fingers, blame others, and use scapegoats... just use your power to FIX THE PROBLEM!

15. Whats the DIFFERENCE? Mexicans are labeled and filed under so many categories that most people have no idea what the difference is. Here is a little vocabulary for you to learn and use wisely.

MEXICAN: a person born in Mexico; a citizen of Mexico.

MEXICAN-AMERICAN: an American of Mexican decent; born in America; legally obtained American citizenship.

CHICANO: previously used during the Civil Rights Movement to identify Mexican-American activism; used as a derogatory term by native Mexicans to identify Americanized Mexicans living in America or Mexican-Americans; often used to identify Mexican-American history or ethnic studies in colleges and universities.

HISPANIC: government term used to identify individuals of Spanish-speaking origin; includes ethnicities other then Mexicans.

LATINO: similar to Hispanic; mostly used by Americans of Central/South American and Spanish speakers of Caribbean island origin (such as Cuba and Puerto Rico); some include Spaniards from Spain as Latinos.

POCHO: literally means "to be cut off from the root;" derogatory term used to identify Mexican-Americans that have assimilated to the American culture; associated with: Americanization, the inability to speak Spanish, inability to eat spicy foods, and lack of Mexican cultural knowledge.

16. MEXICAN ROOTS. Colonization of indigenous Mexicans, most commonly known as the Aztecs and Mayans, was detrimental to these Mexican societies. The people had an educational, political, religious, and economical system as rich as the Romans and Greeks at the height of their empire. Aztecs and Mayans were highly advance in astronomy, mathematics-the first to establish the concept of zero (0), engineering, landscaping, irrigation, farming, philosophy, and so much more. They were not a savage people, but their religious rituals were extremely diverse and complex that no European could grasp during that time.This highly advanced civilization could never be fully understood and appreciated in this day and age but their contributions will be remembered always. Mexicans and Mexican-Americans continue exercising their rich cultural foundation including family and religion at their core.

17. The BOTTOM LINE. Mexican-American and Mexicans make a positive contribution to the American society, they contribute economically, socially, and are an excellent source of labor. Many Mexican-Americans are overlooked in the workforce and their bi-lingual skills are often misrepresented, not acknowledged, and do not receive extra pay for this skill. Bi-lingual education is a blessing, not a curse. The Spanish language is never going to disappear in America no matter how much politicians and citizens attempt to remove it from our schools. The truth of the matter is that you are taking away an excellent skill that anyone, not just Hispanics, can acquire by learning another language, especially Spanish since so many countries around the world speak it other then Spain and Mexico. Mexicans and Mexican Americans have been taken advantage of and used as a scapegoat for America's economical problems and cheap labor since the 1840's. They may be lacking chains, but the wages that are being offered to these people are pennies to the dollar, while their labor is as valuable to American employers as slavery was in it's day. We can get upset about American jobs being offered in other countries, with products imported to our country and retailed at 100-500% more then what it cost to produce in countries like China, Taiwan, and many others. Tons of jobs are being lost in America and sent to other countries everyday, there are call centers for huge American corporations in countries like India, the Philippines and many others. If you've ever seen the movie Bordertown starring Jennifer Lopez, Martin Sheen, and Antonio Banderas you will learn about the femicide going on in the border town of Juarez which is a hop skip and a fence away from El Paso, TX. There are American sweatshops that produce American products where the employees, the majority women, are being kidnapped, raped and murdered on a daily basis. Now there's something to think about next time you are watching your big screen TV, and other luxuries, that were manufactured at the hands of women that were raped and killed on their way to work or home just trying to make a living. For more information about the movie and the femicide going on right next door to our country, check out this website: Before you start pointing fingers and blaming others for American problems, write your congressmen/women, get out there and VOTE, and hold your government responsible for your problems instead of singling out a small portion of the population. Educate yourself before listening to what people say and what you see on TV, let's not forget who regulates your TV shows anyway. Lastly, do your own research if you are on the fence about what's going on in your community and GET INVOLVED.

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Add a response...Native Americans inhabited this land first. Read your history!
You have attempted to paint a wonderful picture of Mexicans, yet they are the most racist people I have ever come across. And your story about them taking jobs that Americans won't do" You are full of it. I cleaned toilets at a lodge hall for 3 years, I worked on clean up crew at a local cannery each summer while attending a community college, I mowed lawns, I pruned apple trees, and I am middle class, White and semi-well educated.
Your "facts" are not true. Employers want Mexicans because they don't
talk back, but just follow orders without complaints, and accept low wages,
so are being used a slaves for these employers. Your writing is biased, untrue and bigoted!

Amazing article. Thank you for dispelling so many misconceptions and shinning light on what our true contributions to this great country are. We have such deep roots in this country yet mainstream America pushes a xenophobic and ethnocentristic agenda that attempts to negate and pacify our deep heritage in this land. Keep up the amazing work!!!

Mexicans were NOT here first. Mexico(new spain before 1821) invaded the native American tribes of the south-west like the Chumash(california), Utes, Navajo, Apaches, Pueblo peoples etc and set up colonial towns.

Mexico as a country(1821) owned this huge sparsely populated area with very little control over it for only 20 years before losing it.
The Apache were destroying the mexicans in texas and so the Tejanos asked for assistance from Americans to come settle in texas to boost numbers and help them ward off Apache attacks. When Mexico lost Texas it effectively didn't control it. Santa Anna lost in the final battle of San Jacinto in 1836 in 19 minutes.

Too much good information for EP. This belongs in a forum that reaches more people.

Add a response...

lol, "gangs are an american problem", come on now.

I am a proud Mexican American, now let's distinguish between a good set of data to get a bias of a group of people, and a bad set of data.
A bad set of data can be classified in making a conclusion on ONE case where a Mexican family were loud an disrespectful. This is not enough data to base an example on. A good set of data would be several families. However, everyone is authorized to an opinion. A white family can also be just as annoying as a Mexican family. Now, many say Mexicans are disrespectful, let's clear something up. In the US, most adolescents and children have a wide variety of pleasantries at their disposal, sir, ma'm, Mr. However, I have never, ever seen a white person speak in such a way to an adult family friend. Maybe to a teacher, and their pediatrician, but not to your run of the mill adult. Let's travel to a Mexican family. There, no matter who the adult is, an adolescent must give the proper greeting to an adult, señor, señorita, señora, and all sorts of others. They must also give pleasantries such as, in passing conversation, "Hi, how are you doing?" "I'm doing fine as well." "Well, it was a pleasure speaking to you, hope you have a great afternoon" (all in spanish). Simply ignoring a person in your environment, is considered horrible manners. In Mexican schools, students are required to stand up at the beginning and end of class, to welcome, and dismiss your teachers. Never, has the position of a teacher been so disrespected in Mexico, as in the US. In that kind of society, manners are of the highest importance. Now about immigration, I once had a person speak up to me about it, when defending it, saying, "I will try to be kind to you in this topic, since I can tell that you are very young and naive, however, immigration is still against the law." I promptly replied that I would try to be kind and reasonable with him, since I could tell that he was very ignorant and set in his ways. There used to be laws where having slaves was allowed, there used to be laws where a variety of drugs were allowed, that are not allowed today. Therefore, I find it funny for someone to defend a claim by saying "it is a law" in obvious areas, laws are important and well meaning, while some are weak in judgement and morality. Yes, there is a law against immigration, just like it was once acceptable to have slaves. About culture, what kind of culture can the US claim? Stealing land, slaughtering those who owned it? I am not judging, all cultures had to go time of violence to get where they are. However, some seem to think that the culture of the US (whatever little there is of it) is "squeaky clean". Many who commented, have no idea what it is like to live in a Mexican family, or even a Hispanic family. The media promotes these sorts of stereotypes. It makes me sad to think that in a country that is so promising with education, many still don't have the intelligence to see what is real and what is fake, or at least truly research the topic before commenting erroneously.

You make some good points but when it comes to illegal immigration I believe you are very incorrect. No country in the world allows illegal immigration-including mexico. For economic, security and cultural reasons a country has the right to restrict inflow through its borders. If millions of Russians and Nigerians for example started flooding into mexico you can bet the government and citizens would object.

All I know is that Mexicans are the worst neighbors I've ever had. They're loud and disrespectful. The don't follow any rules where I live and each apartment is full of kids. In otherwords, they breed like it's going out of style. And speak English! Do you honestly think Mexicans would permit me to refuse to speak Spanish if I lived in Mexico? Without raising hell about it anyway?

It's ridiculous how some of the commentators here use the same racist arguments that not even 50 years ago were used to discriminate against African-Americans, and way before that, to discriminate against Irish immigrants.

Ever wondered how it is to be in someone else's shoes?

This is the most ridiculous bunch of stupidity I have ever seen. Very uneducated view of things in America. The fact is, most Mexicans are ******* up America. They ARE a huge problem. I can go on for days about the things they do that cause many many problems in the United States.

This year Bill Gates barley past him, they are now business partners no cartels here unless Bill Gates is part of the Mafia?
2nd Richest Man in the World; Wiki:
The next Steve Jobs is a little girl from the poorest areas in the world and she is Mexican with the highest IQ in the world. publishes 11/2013 by Wired Mag.

Mexican people work hard because they don't really get a good job. Usually 89% of Mexicans have jobs like janitors, carpenters, and construction workers. One reason why they have bad jobs is because they fool around in classes and don't really learn. I don't mean all Mexicans do but most. If you were in a public school you would 100% find Mexican student that likes to fool around and do retarded stuff ( not all ). There is one Mexican student in my class that puts a hat in the microwave and it started a small fire. Of course he was sent for suspension. When he came back I asked him, " did you learn you lesson ", and he say that he's going to do it again. At first I thought he's kidding. Then the next day he did it again. The sad part was when the police and fire fighters came and investigate he was arrested for mental problems. Today he's in a juvenile.

Visually unapealing people. Many cultures immigrate from other countries, but they don't turn where they reside or occupy into a bazaar.

Clean up your act culturally, have children responsibly and don't be an eye sore and see the difference then.

Be honest, your culture really doesnt promote education to young children and its mostly an embarrassing glorification of macho man misogyny, indulgence in poor dietary habits and irresponsible reproduction. Criticism of your culture doesnt imply a hatred of mexicans by the critic but rather a justifiable desire to keep mexican values and lifestyle out of the USA.

I am African-American, and I really try to respect everyone. Mexicans seem to really dislike African-Americans. Why? Oh, and I understand Spanish, and sometimes they say some really disrespectful things that are unwarranted and unprovoked. It's really rude.

I have experienced that also. What I don't understand is why some Mexicans tend to think they are any better than blacks. I don't understand because for some of them, their skin is as dark as ours, their culture is very similar to ours. They are criticized and frowned upon just as we are. They are treated just as we are and yet they tend to look down on us in disgust. While they are turning their noses up at us, others are turning their noses up at them. I laugh sometimes because no matter how hard they try, they will never be able to fully separate themselves from us. We will always be put in the same basket, treated the same and viewed on the same level. Look around in just about every place you go. The sad thing is that sometimes they try so hard to assimilate themselvees with whiteness and end up being more prejudice and discriminative than whites themselves. It's almost as if they feel like they have to prove themselves to others. It is definitely a major self-hate issue.

they are not trying to prove nothing to whites they think they are better then all Americans whites and blacks and all other races they think we are less because they think we have no culture or history for some odd reason they have this sense of entitlement that they are superior to Americans of other races and think that we need them when we don't and being black they think they are better then you because they treat the African descendants of slaves in mexico like they are lower and they are much of the time looked down upon don't let these illegal Mexicans have an affect on you I don't even think they know if it wasn't for a black man fighting for rights they sure in the hell would not have the freedom to protest and do all of that propaganda and even get away with flying that ugly dame Mexican flag of theirs and burning our flag to ashes in our own country in our streets these dame people don't like nothing American and hate every thing about us except our money and our welfare programs and all the handouts and housing programs witch makes it harder for lower income americans to get due to so much demand and not enough supply and being put put behind these illegals because they have so many dame kids and just being passed up because we let these Mexicans in jobs and they create a need for jobs that only want bilingual Spanish speakers because none of them wants to learn English and the management knows that but also knows they got government cash and stuff so they are contempt because they are getting paid just like if you look for jobs in Cali every dame day more and more jobs want you to speak Spanish and these are jobs form labor up to health care jobs and so on all these jobs are jobs that lower income Americans do and are now being pushed out or cant even find a job because the don't speak Spanish in our country that is supposed to be English the more and more we let in out country the bigger the demand for Spanish speaking employee's will be if these illegals are given papers or the right to work you think they are going to keep working picking frut and cleaning and stuff hell no they are going to make their way up into positions in human resources or mgt and will hire only Mexicans I see it all the time even some Manufacturing Companies in san diego must be exempt from being a Ecinity diverse company because all they hire are Mexicans and that's it first americans loose jobs because companies moved to mexico to get cheaper labor and to try to help mexico out because their government can not make enough jobs to keep up with the population of mexico because even a man that makes less then 100 bucks a week can have 6 or more kids and so on and so on so americans lost their jobs already and now they are going to be out of one again due to the influx of illegals and the fact that they don't care to learn English no matter black white yellow what ever your not their raza so they will hate you no matter what so **** them

most of them are illegals or anchor babies and they are ignorant non educated people and try to think of them selves better then blacks that's how it is In mexico there are a lot of african descendants from slaves in mexico and to this day they are treated like crap and I know what kind of tings they say to iam irish and black but I speak Spanish and I love to listen to them and just realize how ignorant they are and love to listen to them try to play the race card and call anyone who does not like illegal immigration a racist when they are the ones being racist just because a person wants our laws enforced does not make them a racist they just love to use that as an escape goat for their plan disregard and their false sense of Entitlement to the united states of America and its benefits and social and welfare programs they are poor trying to act above their class and try to portray them selves as being classy or of wealth when they are just the people that rape welfare system have papers but still work under the table get food stamps be on welfare and have a house they rent or business or land in mexico and don't report that as income I know this because I used to know alot of these people and they started to make me sick and even hear them speak bad of the U.S. and Americans like we are the trash they say we stole their lands and we killed the native Americans when this land was not theirs any ways Mexicans used to kill scalp and rape the native americans and pushed them from their lands witch is all the lands we bought from mexico they are of Aztec and Spanish Europeans and their blood is so diluted they are more Spanish then anything they are nothing but fakes they even look down on the native indigenous people in mexico and they have no sense of government they tell us in America to change our immigration policy's and stuff and talk crap about human rights and I allways wonder what in the hell do we give them the time of day they have immigration holding centers and they do deport people and they do not treat them with human rights their jails are **** and are full of people that have health problems and are terminally ill and they cant even get medication or help they just don't care but yet as you see that makes them the biggest Hippocrates cause they always will be the first to talk **** but yet do the same **** but worse they want all these rights in the USA and its so simple but Obama is such a sell out to the American people and has ruined it for any other African American that ever had hopes of being president he gives our nation away that Americans built and we know who built this nation not Mexicans cause if that was so we would be the 3rd world country not them but sorry we are not this nation was built by whites and blacks from the ground up from slavery to what we have come to today and most Mexicans in the USA say they want the American dream but yet they have been here for more then 5 years and still don't know a word of English and the worst part is most of them will never be true American patriots or even die for this country but god knows they sure would for mexico just watch a soccer game of mex vs usa and look at all the Mexicans that sure love their American hand outs and jobs and perks but cant even be patriotic enough to root for the country that gave them their so called American dream they came in search of instead they root for the country that cant even make jobs and infrastructure for their own people and its so sad to see that crap your in our country and say this is your home then act like it **** if we were like mexico every one of them would have been deported raped killed robed so if we do that will that make you more patriotic to the USA or maybe they will stop their dame immigration protest if we give them some novelas and some dame tortas that's what the Mexican government does and they all fall in line like good little minions well I hope one day most aferican Americans see that mostly all new illegal immigrants and 1st generation Mexican americans hold no love for this country and only want to bleed it dry and see citizens of none Spanish decent disappear and just think of the short time it will take them to get their hands into our government they are breeding like rabbits and for every non Mexican in the usa they will have 3 to 4 kids and are going to change our demographics in America if it was prosperous to have so many Mexicans because its good for the economy then **** mexico should be ahead of the U.S. right but that's not the fact we watch these dame anchor babies and illegals wave their dame Mexican flag and burn our colors to the ground as they protest for Mexican immigrant rights and say they want the American dream but yet they burn our flag and wave the Mexican one **** if an American did that in mexico and protest we would be arrested maybe but most likely we would be killed for doing that so ya they came for an American dream just not one they have they came to take it away from every American that has ever had a dream or that will never get to have one because of a dumb sellout president that sold his country men out for votes to people that are just here to take what they can most legal immigrants from other countries love America and assimilate that's why we know they love it is because if you love something you respect it and everything it stands for in meaning its laws its flag its government but yet we are giving these illegals everything they demand when all of these legal immigrants waited for years and years obeying our laws and doing everything that was asked of them to come to this country and I feel bad for every person that did it the right way because the U.S is supposed to have great moral fiber and uphold our laws no matter how big or how small the offense an American citizen breaks they still are held responsible for it and pays the price but yet hey these people just break our laws but love the U.S right if they loved it they would respect it and in that meaning to follow the laws so that alone shows us that they broke the law once and they will do it again knowing that they are now above the law and above us americans that obey the law cause we are always held responsible for the laws be break and they know they will get away with it and think they are better then us .

Most mexicans I know are hard working people......and they are not mean like everyone thinks while they are here they mostly keep to their self, and work like crazy........The ones I work around, would help anyone who needed help......they mostly run off of respect.

<3 this......

Bullshit Mexicans need to stop being racist to blacks in America

I'm not Mexican however I am of Latin American background and when people like the American Media or straight up Americans -- who barely have much knowledge of their own history or respect for their natives -- start talking about illegal immigration as if they actually knew how it works as if they've actually met and spoken to an illegal immigrant it really is quite frustrating and pathetic you just want to slap them across the face and tell them to shut up because they don't have a remote idea of what they're talking about since all the "info" is given to them by their media or other Americans who make an assumption.

Firstly, Spanish was spoken in the Americas before English arrived, not to mention that most of these western and southern states have been Spanish for a longer period of time than what they've now been American for.

Secondly, it's only legal Americans (of whatever background) that can take advantage of things such as welfare or food stamps because its only granted to Americans and proof is required during the application process of social services.
Let me also add that all illegals do pay taxes through regular purchases that we all make in fact as someone who has met illegals in the past, many of these people use GENUINE social security numbers of people that have died or whatever in order to get other jobs, so guess what they're still being deducted tax. You'd also be surprised that many Americans contribute to they illegal activities like selling social security numbers and birth certificates.

Thirdly, please do not play victims when you say that if you went to another country you'd eat their language and forget your native tongue. Sweetie, if you haven't lived it don't even try to comment on it.
Many English speaking people that live abroad in Spanish speaking countries still speak English among themselves and usually tend to gather with other English speaking people therefore not completely assimilating to society, and guess what? Locals don't give a damn.
Plus as someone who has traveled a lot English speaking people in particular Americans wherever they go they don't even try to speak another language they expect everyone to speak English and that shouldn't be the case but commercially all countries have tried their best to make it easier for them.
I've seen incompetent Americans screaming at servers or bartenders in other countries in English angry because they dont get service in English or because they're not being understood. Ironic.

And lastly, learning a second or third language shouldn't be an issue for both the immigrant or non-immigrant , apparently The USA is the only lazy, self absorbed culture that doesn't make an effort because if you go to Latin America or Europe people learn several languages.
And if this doesn't satisfy you well I'm sorry to bring this down to you countries and cultures change and transitions throughout history so the present won't be an exception to a natural thing. English won't be spoken forever in American soil it will have to change at some point in time.

Not one Mexican has answered to the comments of out-of-control reproduction. What can they say? They are multiplying like rabbits and soaking up government assistance. There is absolutely no statistic that would prove otherwise. Stop complaining about how Americans see you and step outside yourself to see what we see: you cram your huge families into trailers/projects, you spew out babies like there's no tomorrow, you are perfectly fine with citing how your people are mostly janitors, housekeepers, etc. instead of being a little embarrassed that throughout the generations, your people have not strived to better themselves. I get that there are EXCEPTIONS - successful Mexican professionals - but that's just it, they are EXCEPTIONS. I know it must hurt to know your people are considered to be a joke but instead of trying to explain the joke, try improving so that you aren't the joke. Most (and I mean OVER 99%) of you are the stereotype. Look around.

I agree with you except for the part about Hispanics being able to receive food stamps and welfare, etc. Non-citizens can take advantage of government aid also. I worked as an interpreter for a couple of years. I know. As a matter of fact, the government is sneaky in that they actually do cater to Hispanics--on the sly.... more than any other race, but I think it is all about demographics. Whoever is the true dominant race is the one with most of the perks and benefits. China is on the rise in America. Mark my word, soon enough things are going to start appearing in Chinese and the government is going to start offering them more benefits and Hispanics will be like we are-- a bunch of has been.

I know for a fact that illegal Mexicans come here to have children because the US Government will pay their health insurance and education through a Bachelors degree and subsidize their housing the whole of their lives and that is why they sneak across the border etc. etc. Spanish is not their native language it is Mayan or Apache or any other Indian Language mixed with Spanish and English words. Also once a child is born in the USA they are automatically Citizens. Many mexicanamericans that are legal cannot tolerate very well those who hang onto Mexico especially since Mexico is full of corrupt police and officials that commonly let drunk speeding drivers go for a quick bribe at the time of the traffic stop. Mexicans bring this "culture" to the USA in the form of gang life and an expectation that we are a rich bunch of white people that owe them a living.

Como dice el Perro "wow". Sickly informed. Bitter much. Not me. Mushy...

I agree.

We are all human. To segregate one ethnic group from another is ignorance in itself. Everyone has their downfalls and everyone has greatness within them. Get rid of the hate people. It takes too much energy.

we just came to work and stupid americans are just jealous we have more balls than them

hola compa gringos have balls too be smart prove them wrong

i really like it u show evidense that mexicans are no criminals we just came to work

I'd just like to point out to autumnnorma that IF the Mexicans you are talking about are illegal, they cannot receive government assistance like welfare and food stamps without being found out. If they are legal, then what is the problem? My husband is a residential alien, he came here legally. We did all the paperwork. Oh and while we did that paperwork I had to show proof that we would NOT use ANY government assistance programs for either of us. Which means that these families have to promise the government the same thing I promised the government. <br />
<br />
I'm American with Mexican heritage. I graduated from college, have my nursing degree. I'm working a steady job. My parents have worked in there respective fields for 15+ years. My grandparents came her to give there kids a better life. My grandparents worked everyday in the fields, bought houses, paid taxes and even voted once they got there citizenship. I as someone with full Mexican heritage do not lift up my skirt as you think "all of us do", I'm 25 and have no children thus far. No criminal record either. My family loves this country, my grandparents respect the laws established and love the freedom. We may be a fairly new American generation than your family is...but it doesn't mean we don't love it. <br />
<br />
You can pick a few bad apples as an example of how one race is destroying America all you want, but it doesn't mean you're right. I could give you lists of the horrible things that any race/culture has done to any other race/ does not mean that everyone in that race/culture is bad/ingnorant/leeching...<br />
<br />
Now back to my husband who immigrated here. He comes from Germany....just thought you might want to know...cause I'm pretty sure your ignorant mind jumped to a lot of conclusions.

They can use government assistance. The government talks out of "both" sides of their mouth. Not only did I work as an interpreter for a couple of years in the Department of Social Service, but I personally know Mexicans that are receiving Medicaid, food stamps AND a welfare check. They are receiving about $600 in food stamps EVERY month. Instead of us pouncing on each other we had better look at the government and how they are exercising this "divide and conquer"tactic every chance they get to keep us doing just what we are doing now--throwing words back and forth at each other.

Are you crazy. You made the comment that Americans are abusing the governments money by being on food stamps and section 8 . Who do you think worked to make those programs possible. Not a Mexican. My dad, my uncles, my mother, myself my American neighbors, etc. worked and we Americans paid for those programs for AMERICANS to utilize. And are you kidding about the Mexicans breed like rabbits. The Mexican females lift their skirts up and a baby blows out and us Americans are paying for each and everyone of those kids to be born. You obviously have not been to your local welfare dept. where whites are the minority and every wench in there is a pregnant beener. Your wrong about the crimes they committ also. Read your daily police blotter, Juan Sanchez or Pedro Ruiz are either being arrested for drunken episodes or arrested for unappropriate behavior. This is the real topper, Its a proven fact that the mentality level in the state of California has declined because all the Mexican people that live there now have not even finished the 7th grade. California used to be one of our most proud of states, now there are cities filing bankruptcy and ignorant grass groomers taking up residency. If you claim the Mexicans work so hard and pay taxes do it in your own country and develope your own ****. Gretchen Graft

History lessons?

Live your life know your cultures. You see ignorance but also know that makes you know better. You have someone make an obviously uneducated, naive comment and think of this. Como dice el Perro "wow". Laugh. Enjoy you have two water wells to drink from. They just know maybe one. They don't want to drink from an unfamiliar well.

Maybe one they know. They may have not yet drank from their village well. Be patient,

thier well is a cesspool why drink from it

mexican hear why are all the serial killers white

Since we are talking about babies being born to Mexicans, let's mention that many of the babies being born aren't full-blooded Mexicans. Some of them are mixed with white blood as Emily, Nancy, Billy Bob and Mary Jane are taking company with many of these Mexicans that are obvious tearing your nerves to shreds. Your relatives and friends are getting their swirl on with the Mexicans and creating a race of their own. So before being so set on criticizing the Mexicans and their offsprings, it's best to find out with whom they are getting these babies. You could be criticizing some of your kin folks.

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You're an *******.<br />
How dare you try and persuade people mexicans are harmless.<br />
Look at their own county, a complete and savage narco state.<br />
Every week they find mass graves with fresh headless bodies in them.<br />
This isn't bigotry, and I won't keep silent just because you say it is.<br />
To desire for safety is not bigotry.<br />
These people are not your friends, they don't care about you.<br />
They don't care about your safety.<br />
They don't care about your children.<br />
They don't even care about their own.<br />
They only care about their pride, their ego, their power(money counts as power), and their filthy country (which is an extension of the ego, they don't really care about others).<br />
These people are savage by their nature.<br />
They meet anything unpleasant with violent and disproportionate retribution.<br />
Just try and call one out on his bad behavior.<br />
Don't be afraid to speak out, just because somebody will call you racist.<br />
That kind of Political Correctness prevents action, it eliminates opposition.<br />
Which is exacly why they've gone unchallenged for so long. Don't be fools.<br />
Use your brain people.<br />
THINK Damn you.<br />
Your Posterity DEMANDS it.<br />
Our Veterans Fought Hard for us. They wouldn't let anybody hurt us.<br />
Now that they've grown old, its up to us, to return the favor and be the ones to protect them now. We can't be selfish and do nothing.<br />
We must fight hard for them, like they did for us.<br />
They've given so much for our safety, you can't do this to them.<br />
Obama is trying to grant amnesty to 900,000 parasites and narc criminals.<br />
These people work in our food places. They don't even have their<br />
immunizations, and they have horrible heigene practicies.<br />
They are practically walking cesspools of human filth.<br />
They spit in our food because we're American, and laugh<br />
because we do nothing. You could get Hepititus B from that buger king<br />
that employs filthy southern illegals.<br />
Obama is stagnating congress and the entire country, because they<br />
wont pass his immigration bill. He is going to grant them citizenship.<br />
He is going to grant citizenship to people who don't even care about this country.<br />
That is against the naturalization oath. That is against the consititution.<br />
That is against the will of the American people.<br />
Will that you have lost because you don't want to be called racist.<br />
If you ask me that's a pretty selfish reason for inaction.<br />
Obama even let two thousand guns walk into mexico, guns used to kill Americans<br />
in Arizona, and whats left of the few good civilians in mexico. <br />
You may not have heard, I don't know why the media is downplaying this.<br />
But There have been many documented cases of the mexican military<br />
crossing the border into the United States illegally, violating our sovereignty,<br />
to kill our citizens, and to spread their filth onto our streets.<br />
And our Government, the people who are suppose to be watching out for us,<br />
does nothing.<br />
The man in charged of our military does nothing.<br />
The commander in chief does nothing.<br />
Obama is not on our side, because he's done nothing to stop these unforgivable crimes.<br />
His indifference speaks much about his allegience and intentions, as well as his ambitions. He is not for the American people.<br />
Alot of his campaign money came from undocumented sources.<br />
He is most definately taking narco cash.<br />
(Quite a stretch I know, but better safe than sorry, people...)<br />
Don't do nothing because you think someone else will take care of it.<br />
If everyone thinks that way then nobody does anything.<br />
Please I beg you, all it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.

Nice post, you are right on target. I'm sure you will be called a racist simply for calling it on how it is. These people use the term "racist" to make us feel bad about telling Americans the truth.

look at yourself speak.....
at least most Mexicans have a religion that teaches them to respect others and as for all the drug cartels and all that shiz... guess who is the one that buys pretty much all the drugs... so in other words, that is not a Mexican problem.

There is good and bad in every race. If you are going to point a finger at the Mexicans point out the good and the bad. Do the same for blacks, for Asians, for Indians, for Arabs and any other race-- including whites. Oh... wait.... There isn't enough trees in the world to make enough paper to write down all the atrocities of the white man and how they have ALWAYS imposed their ways and opinions on other racial group. Let he who is without sin cast the first freaking stone!!!

Embarrassing enough, I thought that hispanic people were mooching off of the system but I didn't really know that white folks are doing it just as much. I also have a lot more sympathy for the people because life is so hard where they are from, why shouldn't they come here to have a better life? Plus they aren't even living as well as us Americans, they have back-breaking work w/o a lot of pay unlike us. We just need to respect each other and keep the peace. Thanks for this eye-opening post.

There is no such thing as a job an American won't work for. Just a wage they won't work for. Mexicans do drive down wages. It is true that people of other races take advantage of our social services but according to the us census Mexicans have an average family size of 4.5 as opposed to 2.5 of other races. Most of them put their anchor babies on Medicaid which I pay for. Hispanics make up 14 percent of the population yet 39percent are uninsured. 12 percent of whites in the us recieve medicaid as opposed to 27 percent of Hispanics. This figure is available on kaiser perm's website. There is no need for businesses to pay a decent wage because they can find a non-union mexican to do any labor work that is needed for pennies. The numbers speak for themselves. In this ridiculous article I don't see any facts or figures posted. The truth is they ruin the country and are mooches.

Some of you that talk bad about mexicans are no better than the mexicans that are committing crimes or white people that turn into terrorist like the Oklahoma city bomber. You are not immune to the disease that mexicans carry, you can get it anywhere not just from mexicans. Our Country is in economic collapse because dumb white folks up in the "white house" can't make good decisions. Not to mention the wars that we are still fighting, including Mexican American Soldiers who are giving their lifes for you stupid ignorant coconuts. You all need to shut your cuck holster and stop complaining, go to the nearest military recruiting station, enlist , get deployed and hopefully some isurgent in iraq or afghanistan blows you up and shuts you mouth forever.

It's obvious you are not bestowed with any kind of education, you must be Mexican! And no, those wars are bullshit. They are not giving their lives for any reason what so ever. You are most likely one of those morons who thinks Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and was responsible for 9/11. You have no argument, you are un-educated. Please don't respond to my post with mindless, useless verbal diarrhea. By the way, very few illegals serve in the military. I don't have a problem with legal immigration. So what is your complaint. By the way our president is black you moron

Hey man, you're no better, you are categorizing Mexicans as uneducated morons, you sure you're not the uneducated one here?

Kaiser Permanente is trying to sell insurance and the US Census is written by the people who controls the wealth.......

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I am always pro Mexican. You have all the knowledge and I need not try to add to it. on the personal side I am a gay man and I'd really like a Mexican lover everything said in that regard about Mexicans is true and not a myth. I would accept any as a lover.