Latino Assimilation To The U.S.

I have long pondered on the issues regarding the integration of cultures into one another. Perhaps most notoriously assumed is that most Latinos can never easily assimilate to the American culture. It is assumed that we are unwilling to negotiate the most fundamental factor in assimilation, the change or shift in the language we use. Latino parents are a lucid example; insisting to keep the Spanish language as the primary one they use; fixated on using their children as walking translators. (I neither justify or discredit this..I have been in that situation before and in all honesty I can say I do not mind at all.) To briefly explain this phenomena it takes understanding the issue that revolves around the language people tend to use and the process of assimilation; debating whether assimilation is realistic enough of a goal for an immigrant to grasp in the first place. I could go further in detail but I have my doubts on the issue all together..

So I leave it up to all of you...Do you believe the use of various languages can coexist? (particularly in the U.S.)

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No matter if you didn't answer my question, thanks for your insightful comment regardless :)

Yea that is true, good point Aydasha..I hadn't thought of that..<br />
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America is indeed changing and like you just so eloquently stated, people need adjust, to understand the context of the change; regardless if they find that good or bad...

It already does. Sure most people don't like it, but law enforcement and hospitals that have a higher Spanish immigrant population do in fact take steps to speak Spanish to those that do not know English so that they can help them and understand them. America is changing, people just need to adjust along with it.