Stereotypers of Mexicans

When people hear that I am Mexican, they look at me with surprise. In their minds, they are realizing that their stereotypes that the media in the US with which they are presented so persistently doesn't mesh with me.

Many people even go as far as voicing these thoughts. For example, I've gotten: "So why are you white?" and "So how come you speak English so well?" "But don't you go to school?" "Oh, cool, so you speak Mexican?" and other equally stupid and infuriating comments. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!

My mother, who was born in Mexico, gets funny looks when she speaks with her accent- it's light and most can't pick it out as being from Mexico, but when they ask about it and she responds by saying she's Mexican- it's like she suddenly became an inferior (not to mention illegal) person. It's ridiculous.


I love my Mexican culture, language, heritage, and my entire family who lives in Mexico and that I visit for 1-2 months every summer. I really do. And I bet if Americans got themselves a little more educated and started thinking for themselves instead of letting the media and the government do it for them, they would appreciate it too. Or at least not treat it like scum. Oh, golly gee...!

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I know this is old, but I really kind of needed to add my rambling two cents in here. <br />
I'm American. Texan. But the thing that I don't see is how we, as a culture, can be so blatantly racist. One or two of the comments I read on here made me want to go shoot myself in the foot with the idiocy their writers are showing. My family is so hypocritical. I don't get how in private, they can be so hateful and spiteful to anything spanish or latino and when they go out somewhere they all of a sudden forget that. My mom is especially bad. She hates anything related to Mexico. Anything spanish related in general to be honest. She goes off on these rants about how all the Illegal Mexicans are coming to the US and taking well fare and our jobs and just being lazy and expecting handouts. I have lost count of how many times she's bitched about how there's a CLASS for Mexicans to learn how to get the most out of the American system. I honestly don't care if that's true. The people who try to pull that will get what's coming to them. That might sound terrible, but those are the kind of people who **** me off. The thing is... One of the smartest people I know was born and raised in Mexico. She went to school there and she graduated from college there. That doesn't make her any less of a person. It's sickening to me how people judge others ba<x>sed on a heritage that they can't control. You shouldn't be ashamed of your roots. You should be proud of who you are, where you came from. Because it's part of what makes you YOU. <br />
I was a sophomore in high school and I met this guy. He was a senior. He was Mexican. His English wasn't great but he was learning. He was trying. I remember being so proud of him for not giving up when he failed the state exam we have to take to graduate when so many of his classmates were dropping out of school. And I remember how excited and proud he was when he passed it the second time around. The two of us ended up dating for a few weeks. It ended up breaking off when my parents found out. They threatened to call the police on him if I didn't stop seeing him. Looking back, I should have put that to the test. Even if they had, nothing would have happened. He wasn't doing anything wrong. After he graduated, we lost contact. Then my senior year in high school, I find out he's died in a car accident. The entire day, I'm alternating between bawling and just sitting there, numb. When I get home, my parents have no sympathy. They're like good riddance. <br />
That's what makes me so mad. I know there's so many people like him. They're Mexican, yes. But not the type of Mexican that my parents like to clump them all together as. This boy worked his *** off, studied so hard, got a job, tried to make a life for himself here. And he was succeeding. He was going somewhere. He had it all taken away from him before his 21st birthday. <br />
But I digress. There are SO many Mexicans who are like that. And so many who have an education and work and help the society. But they're talked down on and treated as less by ignorant people. Ugh. :(<br />
<br />
Omg. Sorry for that. I didn't mean to go off. lol<br />
Basically I really don't like stupid people. And that's what it is when people jump to conclusions ba<x>sed on these stereotypes. It's stupidity.

That came out slightly weirder than it was supposed to. But I'm hoping it got my point across :D

In nyc the illegal mexicans really are trash. They mostly live off their kids welfare and aren't clean or respectful of the U.S.A. Their kids go to public schools, get free health care, cause trouble and their parents collect more kids for a bigger check. All paid for by taxes because they work off the books and don't contribute to the higher good. <br />
(And the legal mexicans love to claim ssdi after they get their papers and are tired of that off the books job)

First of all, I grew up in my state, and there were no MEXICANS here where I lived, until, My 5 year old daughter started school..I live in North Carolina, so it took awhile for us to get the present time, my 17 year old is best friends with a Mexican that has been invited by me into our house 3 years ago.He's my son's best friend, and I have NEVER treated this kid any different from my own kids...I love him dearly..he's so very much a lil devil behind my back, lol, these kids don't fool me...anyway...when he is here, he is family, this is why he keeps coming back, even on holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, he has an open invitation...always. As I said, he is family now, and this is just the way it is with us in my house.POINT BLANK.

It does not matter to me what nationality you are, we all bleed the same colour blood and have the same feelings. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story.

Viva La Raza is all I have to say. People are so quick to judge people basied on looks. My gf is white and lots of times people look at us funny when were out. Most people would look and think she's the one that went to college but the shoe is on the foot. I hate when people ask me how did I learn to speak english so well? With a dazed glare. I hate these closed minded fools. And white people PLEASE stop making these so called " Wraps" its a half *** wanna be taco! Make up your own ****

I from Mexico and was an exchange student in high school in a small town in Illinois. The town´s population was less than 3000 and I was the only Latin in the town (no Mexicans, no Asians, no Blacks, all white) Everybody knew me and accepted me. That was 20 years ago, while working for GE for 6 years, I traveled all over the US, and hardly ever met the stupid ignorant and racist white supremacist like nixspix. <br />
<br />
It is not right to stereotype all Mexicans as ignorants, because there are a lot of us that are well educated. With the same token, it is not right to stereotype all white Americans as dumb and racist because there are people like nixspix. <br />
<br />
I look more Spanish than native American, but I know that natives where here before the Spanish came, and in much higher numbers, before the Spanish people wiped them out. In the U.S. happened the same, people that where oppressed by religion and government in Europe got the hell out of there and came to northern America, and wiped out the natives, took their land, and when they were done with the native, they took the land that the Spanish stole from the Mexican natives... <br />
<br />
nixspix, if your neighborhood is like a ghetto (not sure that you even know what a ghetto is like) why in the hell you don´t move to a nicer, whiter neighborhood??? If you had the money, would you do it?, well, Mexicans in you ghetto neighborhood are there for the same reason as you, they don´t have the money to stay in the land that they love, and you don´t have the money to live in a white bubble neighborhood.

I love how even after I talk to people who were BORN in Mexico in better Spanish than them they still don't believe my parents are Mexican. It's because of my light skin and green eyes.My fellow Mexicans seem to think being a straight A student who is STRONGLY against Ebonics is blasphemous.I do live in the SF bay though.People here LIKE to be ghetto stereotypes.There is nothing Mexican about failure.We're supposed to be a proud people XD<br />
<br />
Luckily, people did not dare look at me as an inferior due to my grades.There was rarely a person who had a higher rank in class,and if they were...they weren't white.I'm so glad I went to a diverse school though.

realitychallenged, if you wanna be more accepted and stuff why do you not consider yourself american, believe me not every AMERICAN (even though your american) doesnt think this way, just a couple examples you saw and decided it was a general consensus.

what an ignorant arrogant race. bitching about the united states and us whites. we are educated enough to know what a bunch of freeloaders you all are. i unfortunately live in a neighborhood of mexicans, and it looks (and sounds) like the fricking ghetto. if mexico is so damn great, go the hell back quick, wetbacks btw: the majority are illegal, and come into our country just long enough to pop a kid out so we have to support it. get birth control..

YES. Absolutely, it's so infuriating. I get that so much now- it's like that BS from TV news is ALLL they know of Mexico or any mexicans......! Quite frankly, if anyone asks me if my family is legal, then, you know what? You are not a human being I would like to associate with anymore. I'm sorry, I hate judging people on ONE comment, or whatever, but, sometimes--- if you are so thick as to think ALL of mexico wants to run into this mess up country (aka USA), and illegally no less, then you are degrading every single Mexican. Because with the notion of coming illegal comes not only the association of being poor and uneducated, but also of being LESS than a second-class citizen. So when they say that, they are making themselves out to be superior.<br />
So am I going to associate someone who thinks they are superior to my family?<br />
Nope. And until they manage to squeeze some better info into that shrunken lump of a brain, it'll remain that way. (unless they are so naive that they didn't realize this and ask me for info to help reform! haha, in my dreams, right?)

It's gotten even worse lately. The unbelievably offensive question that people feel they can just ask now like its nothing is "so, is your family legal?". It is absolutely infuriating!! "Who the hell do you think you are!!" is what you want to scream at them, but then that would make you just like them. It's hard to take the higher road. Once I explain to them my family's origins (I hate that I feel the need to explain) and tell them that we were here in Texas when Texas was still Mexico, it's still isn't enough. They look at me like I'm lying and say "Ok" sarcastically. "What if I was illegal, I bet you are, too." is usually how I respond. They laugh. It's disgusting....just disgusting.

Oh god! I get that all the time.<br />
<br />
But you know, it's not just white Americans that hold stereotypes. I speak flawless English and I have light skin- apparently that was enough to confuse this one Mexican kid- he thought I was white! He was especially confused as to why I was in his Spanish for Natives class. So yeah, a lot of people hold stereotypes, it's very obnoxious.

Good for you, I am mexican too. Unfortunately you will always find racist ignorant people that have no culture to grab on so they become critics because they envy our pride for our culture, costumes, flavors etc...