Proud To Be Mexican!

I think I'm about 75% Mexican. My dad is 100% and my mom is 25%. My whole life, I was taught to be proud of my culture. Honestly, I couldn't be more proud of my culture and my ancestors. Growing up, my sisters and I were the only Mexicans in my school. They didn't get made fun of because they were older, but I got made fun of all the way through fourth grade because my complexion was darker. I hated it. I didn't know how to stand up for myself. Then in fourth grade, the girl who had always made fun of me, went to far. She told everyone that since I was Mexican, I would get pregnant at 14. During recess, I went up to her and pushed her on the ground. I got on top of her and said, "YES, I AM MEXICAN! NO, I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT IT. YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS BECAUSE I'M PRETTIER THAN YOU. I AM PROUD TO BE MEXICAN. AND IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT, YOU CAN TAKE IT UP WITH MY MEXICAN DAD, WHO'S A COP. SO UNLESS YOU WANT TO GO TO JAIL, I SUGGEST YOU SHUT YOUR UGLY FACE BEFORE MY DAD AND I, SHUT IT FOR YOU!" Then I kicked her in the face and walked away. And she got pregnant freshmen year, not me. Eventually we became great friends. I'm not afraid to stand up for my culture and family, and if anyone threatens that, I will deal with them.
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You make me proud, buttercup! I am mixed race and was always made fun of for my hair, or darker facial hair or whatever. I am now proud to be mixed because I stand out in the crowd. Dark skin is beautiful. Why do you think so many people try to go get a tan? Jealousy is right!!!! You just stay true to your roots. You SHOULD be proud of who you are!!! And for your courage and pride, I am proud of YOU!!!

everyone judges by skin color. its wrong but we have to move passed it. i have mostly spanish ancestors and people would never guess im mexican . people ae pretty amazed when they realize i speak spanish. its funny. ill always say what i am and what im about. i like being mexican we have a lot of history and rich culture.

Good for you!<br />


I am Mexican too. I live in Mexico and I am proud of my culture. You are beautiful!<br />
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It is a shame that you got to that point because we have not learn as a society that we are all the same to God's eyes.<br />
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We have many values as Mexican women - our family orientation and support to our partner at all times is our best cultural heritage.<br />
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Thanks for sharing My name is Cecilia and I also wrote a story about Mexican Women a long time ago here at EP

I would die to have your complexion. My dad is Mexican, but with mostly Spanish ancestors, so very light-colored and my mom is white so I came out pale as a ghost. The bullying sucks, though, I know that much. I got it from both sides.

i read alot about ur culture..and i like ur great loving family its not that easy feeling...yes u shld be proud of it...thanks

Lol! Thats the way to go!!!<br />
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I eventually stood up to a girl who bullied me at school and we became good friends too