Mexicans Make America

As long as you don't ask for proof of citizenship you have my vote
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I am Mexican (race not nationality) and I don't think we make America. I disagree with the poster that says we make poor parents, citizens and a pitiful group of people but it is just a bit egotistical to say Mexicans make America. Us Mexicans need to stop supporting the illegal immigration issue. No other country in the world does what we do. Even Mexico and France have stronger laws against illegally entering their countries so this whole statement is asinine. Our hospitals are failing financially due to treating illegals.<br />
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American Tax Preparers (that are Mexican by race) in the Southwest have been showing Mexican Nationals (Illegal Immigrants) how to fill out US tax forms to exploit a loophole. So these illegal Mexican citizens have been receiving anywhere between 6,000 - 13,000 dollars from the IRS for listing all of their nieces, nephews and their own kids that were born here as dependents. Even though they themselves are not US citizens and are here illegally. How is this possible?<br />
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I am Mexican and this makes me sick. <br />
I would surmise that your statement "As long as you don't ask for proof of citizenship you have my vote" only applies to Mexicans coming over illegally, and not to all the illegals that are from Middle Eastern countries too (because the border patrols have been catching a lot of people from ME countries that can pass themselves off as Mexican).<br />
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Mexican Americans are good for this country as long as they don't support the illegal issue.<br />
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Mexican Nationals are parasitic to this nations life blood whether they want to be or not. Intention doesn't matter here.

Unfortunately, you can't say that Mexicans make America great. They make things worse. They make bad citizens. They make really poor parents. Pitiful group of people.

Native Americans, Pacific Islanders & Mexicans are the indigenous people of America