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Oigan quien rayos puso el logo de Hello Kitty? No lo pueden cambiar por no se la bandera de mexico, un aguila, o unos malditos tacos siquiera? Neta me causa problema... o.0
Sagata Sagata
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Lo mismo pense.

Tienes razón, yo preferiría un cartel de propaganda mexicano de la segunda guerra.

Wait I understood some of that. Uh let us see here. Your wondering why the banner of the groupe is hello kitty and not a iguala or a taco and you have a problem with it. Is that close?

Yes, that's about it, I mean Why the hell would someone put hello kitty in a mexican group and not the flag, or some freaking tacos, or stuff like that!

Ya I might learn some spanish. Or maybe learn sylux's silpheed.

Whichever you wish, though I believe spanish will be more helpful, seeing that more people talk it rather than silpheed.

:D ok I just thing silpheed is kind of awesom. I mean he created his own language.

I believe it is quite awesome as well! :D

I kind of want to see if he'll teach me.


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