Pura Mexicana, Almost

Hi, I am 100% Mexican-American from San Antonio, Texas (born and raised).  I speak only a little bit of Spanish, as my parents, both born speaking Spanish themselves, were too lazy to teach it to me .  Either that or they thought I could get by on just English (a more likely reason).  Technically I can, but the majority of people in San Antonio are Hispanic and I hear it almost everyday wherever I go. I am trying to know my roots more and have developed an interest in Mexican culture, and it is not hard to find because San Antonio is rich in its culture and history and its relations with Mexico.  In fact, Texas was once a part of Mexico, to which my father, echoing our past relatives' sentiments, likes to say "I didn't cross the border, the border crossed me!" I also love Mexican food, mainly the TexMex popular here in SA, and would also like to know more about authentic Mexican food from Mexico. At anytime I can kick back with a Carta Blanca or other cerveza, eat some fajitas, listen to some live mariachis and just relax and be proud of my heritage.

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Hi blankethead33<br />
I'm half Mexican and live in Dallas. I also know very little Spanish as my father wasn't around much and never bothered to teach it to me. My mother is white, and I was raised with my maternal family.<br />
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I know what you mean about feeling proud of your heritage. I've only been to San Antonio once, and I would love to go again.<br />
I was actually born in Santa Fe, N.M. Talk about culture! The Plaza downtown, all the festivals, the mariachis, the monutains!! Oh, I so misss it so much!<br />
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Luckily, I married a Mexican, and him and his family are always making yummy authentic Mexican food!! Mmmm

Its good you are proud. We didn't teach our kids Spanish thinking they would be better off. Now, they are in their 50's and I don't know if this was a good choice for them.<br />
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I lived in San Antonio for a very short while many years ago, I keep thinking of visiting but have not done it yet.<br />
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Stay proud.....................