I Am Mexican

I am Mexican -American born in California and raised in El Paso Tx.  My parents only speak spanish.  I am bilingual right know I am married to US Army Soldier and have 3 kids of whom only ones speakes spanish.

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My sister married a man who was born in Mexico, but was raised in Texas. He is bilingual, but prefers English. I have a lot of friends who are bilingual. I think it great and wish I had learned a least one other language. I have a friend who is trying to teach me some Spanish.<br />
I have a friend from the Slavik countries who speaks SEVEN different languages and is learning Spanish at the ripe age of 65.

I only speak spanish to those people that speak and understand the language if you dont then I'll speak to you in English. But yes some people are rude and they will speak in a language that you dont understand probably to talk about you good or bad

its an issue for me, but should your parents be bilingual as well as your kids? Its great that they can learn two languages. For us who don't know spanish too well, its a minor insult when people do it at the store.