Not An Excuse

When I used to teach, there seemed to be plenty of kids who were blunt about not being about to do something, "because I'm dyslexic." And I'd reply, "me, too!" So much for that line being used to bullshit why they didn't get an assignment done.

Though ... one parent complained that I mocked their child's disability, and the headmaster explained that I was mildly dyslexic, as well. This parent them complained that the school should not hire dyslexics. I had to laugh at him -- anything to excuse their precious child, it seemed. The headmaster asked the parent to remember that statement when it was time for their child to find a job.

I do have to be careful of making sure of what I thought I'd read, or seeing what I thought I'd seen. It's worse when tired or stressed, and spellcheck hasn't necessarily made it less troublesome. At least, spellcheck has made corrections that are more predictable.

I had hoped that using a keyboard would help with my spelling and typing. It does and it doesn't, in that if I think "w" then my finger will attempt to type "w" but often types "2" or "s" ... which is not about my dyslexia. Different problem! I still make errors, but now they are typos.

It's not necessarily a problem, actually -- I think I am a more careful speller and grammar biddy than those who do not have dyslexia. It's a bit like those who are not native citizens of my country -- those emigrants are often more grateful with their adopted homeland than those natives who take it for granted. I am more delighted by a beautifully turned phrase or well written paragraph than those who don't notice the lack of typos and interposed letters.

So, for those people who see mild dyslexia as a disability -- you're just looking at it backwards!
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ctswampyankee, exactly right -- nothing is an excuse for laziness. i, too, was in honors classes and deans lists my whole schooling career because i tried harder -- and it was fun for me, despite (or maybe because of) the arduous nature of dealing with this particular "disability." how many "can'ts" are actually "won'ts"? thanks for your take on this :)

You are 100% correct. I took remedial classes as well as regular and even some honors classes all through HS. College was different, had some prof's who where complete a'holes, but dyslexia is not an excuse. It is a reason to get creative! NEVER GIVE UP NEVER SURRENDER! Face it school is hard. Life is hard. Dyslexia or not.... The only thing I wish I could make people appreciate is how energy draining "paper work" is for the dyslexic brain. To say you "can't" do something is a cop out. Say I can, but I may need to approach it differently, need more time or some other creative sollution...

ineedadrink, problems -- it is famously said -- are problems only if we want them to be. playing the victim is like giving into terrorism, and i sure don't want the bastards to win. ;)