The Woman And The Child

 I have a path that is all my own, my script to brighter days, burning desires fulfilled. I have stumbled many times, stopped once or twice, but never shall I leave my path, my own viciously eager and safe-guarded mind.

Inside of us all, there lives a child. I have within, a broken girl, abused, neglected, submissive, one who must be morphed if I wish to succeed.

She lived alone in the concave flesh of thought and reason, but no longer. As of recently, there is a woman beside her, a woman that lifts her atop protruding shoulders, carrying on towards the future.

I am also this woman, this black creature that pushes limited space and hungers for beauty, control, power, and revenge. I am also this WOMAN, who laughs at the past and curls here long, icy fingers around the throat of my inner child. I am all and nothing, entwined in lace and plastic, smothering out the young to build a new world that lacks defeat. No one, NO ******* ONE can hurt that broken girl now. No one... except for me.

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1 Response Feb 7, 2010

This is terribly powerful...<br />
I've tried to forget the child within me, but in the end it seems it helps more when I forgive her. And when I try to accept and love her, even for all that was done wrong.<br />
I think, children aren't so much innocent, I think babies are innocent, but overall I think it's that they are vulnerable. And everyone tries to run away from that as they get older if they were hurt, but it's the truth isn't it? When we we're children, we we're vulnerable to our circumstances. We had no protection because we hadn't learned how to properly protect ourselves, or even more than that we couldn't because we we're only children.<br />
She's been hurt so much already, what if all she really needs, to give way to a better future, is to be accepted and loved? I don't know if this song or these words belong here at all, but I was listening to this and it seemed to fit with what I'm saying<br />
And what I'm saying is just concern, for a little girl in somebody that relates to the little girl in me. One I've been living most of my life disgusted and afraid of. So much hatred built up for somebody that only needed some one to look out for her, and to explain to her that everything was ohk. and that she would be ohk.