I Am So Miserable I Make Everyone In My Life Miserable To

I am not sure why I am this way...but I am, I am so miserable, I make everyone around me miserable by just being around me, people hate me.   sometimes i feel like i really dont want to be here anymore, I say hurtful things find fault with ALOT,  cant just leave well enough alone so to speak...my co-workers must love it when I have a day off, they dont have to deal with me.  I say hurtful things not realizing until its to late, damage is done, can't take them back....   I hate myself, can only imagine how others feel!!   why would others want to be around me I cant even stand to be around me.    I've hurt people I love very much......And I can Not seem to stop this no matter how hard I try!!

bacardia bacardia
2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

I can relate.

I wish I had a solution for you but I am also a miserable, suck life person and it drives me crazy. I can't even fake it. I have a wonderful man and son but after 5 minutes with them, I am down, depressed, and annoyed by everthing they say and do. I have no friends and no way of making friends. If you find a cure for this please post it 'cause it is so awful being this way.