End Of What Could Have Been A Beautiful Friendship

I feel sad and crappy right now.  And angry.

I'm sure I'll recover.

I connected with this girl who was interested in acting and we started to become good friends.  Although I could have liked her, I didn't want to go down that path because of circumstances in my life and hers.  I thought that was understood.

So, being a bit of a flirt, I texted her once saying that if things were different I could ask her out.

She said she wanted to stay friends.

I said that was fine, I wasn't wanting or expecting more, just pondering what could be in another universe.  But friends is perfect.

Then I made some dumb (and I thought) innocent joke about giving her a kiss (this was all done on text mind you), and I never heard from her again (several months) until today.

I emailed her a couple days ago asking for my acting books back that I had loaned her.  She emailed me back saying she gave them to my instructor.  Then she ripped into me wondering how I could have made a pass on her and how she wasn't interested in me and that's why she stopped talking to me.

I just emailed her back apologizing for any misunderstandings but that most people talk through them, not run away.  Especially friends.

Blah.  Now I'm sad because a friendship that was just beginning is over because I made a bad joke, she took it seriously, and doesn't want anything to do with me.

It's not like I need to get over her or anything, there's nothing to get over.  But it makes me mad that I made myself a bit vunerable and got stepped on.

THIS is why I shared on EP about how I have a lot of friends but not many close ones.  Because anything beyond drinking buddies, and one of us (or both of us) get hurt.

Is it me?  Am I that socially awkward that I can't make jokes, or share my feelings?   Apparently I'm the life of the party until I show a bit of honesty. 

And it was such a nice day to start with....

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8 Responses Dec 2, 2009

that was a massive over reaction..and your right if she valued you at all she wouldnt have run away and ignored you..that is the problem with texting it can comeacross wrong but it was such a small comment..dont beat yourself up i guess it wasnt meant to be..<br />
your a good person and you willhave the same if not stronger friendship with someone else.xx

thanks :-)<br />
now i'm just curious what she told my acting teacher.

Aww hon...it isn't you. We all make stupid jokes...and sadly alot of people don't understand. You appologized....and if she can't understand that...well she wasn't that good of a friend to begin with. *hugs*

What the heck is "MISintrepeted?

thanks you!<br />
:-) good insight. *sending flirty but innocent text to you now* haha

hey you littlelena! long time no chat! thank you! :-)<br />
and you are so true.

Yeah, in hindsight, texting was a bad idea. But I hate the phone and we had just spent a lovely evening talking about acting and writing at Village Inn. LOL.<br />
And she brought up kissing stories first over desert. So I thought the joke fit. I can't even remember what it was now.

I think it's her loss and you just need to find friends who know how to communicate better. Bad joke or not if she was a true friend she would have said something to you about how she felt and given you a chance to say sorry but it was a bad joke. Which brings me to text humor, writing humor is hard enough, text is even more misunderstood when trying to be funny.