~ He's Just Gone ~

  I truly understand why he felt he had to go..... But it still hurts to know I won't ever be able to log on here & see my little "BobFrost" hanging around & being goofy. It makes me extremely sad & I know a part of my heart will always mourn his leaving. I'm a bit peeved too, not at him.....Just at the circumstances & heartbreak on all sides. It's hard when you love both of them so much & know the hurt is there for them both as well..... I hope no matter what, he's happy & finds all that he needs & deserves........ Love you sugar & LORD I am going to miss you more than I can ever say..................

   WynHaven xxxooo

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2 Responses Jun 25, 2009

He left?

It is sad. I'll definitely miss him, too. He was(is) such a sweetheart. :-(