He's a Fixture

There are certain things I look forward to in my day to day life: the sun coming up in the morning, a great bottle of Diet Mountain Dew, my puppy's love, and great friends like BobFrost.  We weren't always friends and many of you may not have realized that we were friends at all. I may not always comment on his stories nor he on mine, but one thing I could count on was if I wrote a particularly sad piece he would send me a PM to make sure I was okay.  BobFrost was, and is a good friend to many on this site acting as a "behind the scenes fortress" when times get roughest.   I am missing BobFrost immensely this morning and hope that he is in a healing place in his life and that the healing process goes quickly so that he can come back and write some more beautiful, heartfelt contributions. 


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6 Responses Jun 26, 2009

He is back and in a better place. I love this dude.

What happened to him, i liked Bob Frost too.

Thanks SGC

Thanks SGC

CEL, good point.

I guess if your name is Bob Frost sooner or later you just have to chill.