He Is The Air I Breath

I was living with my Boyfriend for 3 yrs and now i am miles away from him. I never realised i would miss him so much. I miss waking up and seeing him sleeping besides me. I miss his warmth. I miss his touch. I miss his cute smile and his soft heartbeat. I miss his sweet smell and that strong embracing hug. I miss his soft juicy lips and those sweet sweet kisses. I miss the way he touched my cheeks and the way he looked at me with those trusting gentle eyes. i miss the feeling of protection and security of knowing he will always be there standing besides me. I miss his small eyes when he laughed. i miss his senseless talk and excellent humour. I missed the way he cared and cuddled me when i was low. I miss the crazy feeling of being in love and knowing no matter what he will always love me. I miss waiting for him when he came back from work. I miss the sound of his voice. I miss sexy and silly midnight whispers. I miss his lips on mine. I miss his broad shoulders and my head on it. I miss him pampering and caressing me. I miss him playing with my hair. i miss him kissing and biting my neck. I miss him inside me. I miss everything about him.... i simply miss him! he has left this void so big in my life i feel it will kill me. i am getting sucked in this black hole that is expanding day by day and killing me every minute by minute. i dont know how to survive without him. he is an addiction, he is a necessity, he is the air i breath and the blood that flows in my veins. he is my heart and my soul. without him i am nothing but an empty shell. I MISS HIM....i so much miss him.

evelina evelina
22-25, F
Feb 13, 2010