My name is Katie and my soldier is Kevin. He was away  for deployment training for 5 weeks and I was lucky enough to see him for his 4 day pass before leaving again. Hes now going to Iraq for a year..i miss him so much. i cant go a day  without crying. its hard to get myself to do t hings I know i need to do..i just want him to be home and back in his arms..the hardest part is i dont know when i'll get to talk to him..ill be lucky if i catch him on skype between what he needs to do and when he has time and my busy  life and the time difference..just talking to him makes my  day a little better...i'm longing to be with him, i wish he was here for everything, to share everything with him, to be in his arms, to be able to cuddle and just talk. we're inseperable and i couldnt think of a better man to be in love with.

blueyez89 blueyez89
18-21, F
Mar 1, 2010