Marine Wife

My husband is a Marine. And at the moment he is in Austrailia. It has been 6 months since I have seen him and 2 weeks since I have talked to him. Everyday that goes by I miss him more and more. It gets hard especially at night when he is not here to hold you and give you a kiss and say i love you baby and i hope you have sweet dreams tonight. But I am a Marine wife and us wives have to be stronger than our Marines. SEMPER FI.. (always faithfull)
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my husband is a seaman also.i experienced what you feel.JUST keep your life busy ang pray to GOD to be strong.

MARL, <br />
I've read a couple of your posts today, and registered in this blog mainly because what you write and what you feel appeals to me 100%. Although you're younger than me, you seem to have this <br />
inner strength or character to do what's right. <br />
My man and I have been 8 months apart, with a short reunion in-between, and I feel I miss him to an unbearable extend. If there is any advice or comment you could write to guide me towards the "proper way" of being strong and supportive, it would be fantastic. <br />
<br />
Warm Regards, <br />

i just got married on may 7th.. my husband can't deploy for a while.. he volunteered but they won't let him.. i hope that theings get better for you. i hate missing mine and looks like you do too.

Try to stay strong I am new to this whole thing and have a long way to go my husband is just finishing boot camp but just remeber the happy times and try to plan something nice for when he comes home

i am a soon to be marine wife/ and a soon to be mother. im afraid because he wants to reenlist, but i am proud or our men and proud of him. i feel where your comming from, but i look up to you for being so strong, i only hope i am as strong as you.