Hello, Im New To This Page, And Hope I Can Talk To Someone Who Can Relate. I Would Love It :)

hi my name is cindy and im in love with my high school love who has been in the marines for a year so far. We have been through so much together in the past 3 years its enough to fill a lifetime. lets start at the beginning; we started dating in 2007 for not very long at all. we broke up within a few weeks after that because i, a nasty little girl cheated on him while i was gone for a while, and we both got a new love. well the girl he got with soon became pregnant then they became ingaged. during all of this me and him were still very close we were good friends and we still talked and hung out a lot. well his fiance at the time was not happy with us talking at all so it was hard to keep in-touch but we managed to do it because we were secretly still in-love. well he went off to boot camp and im supprised they even lasted thru that. he graduated then soon went off to north carolina where he is now. His so called be-loved wife cheated on him with his cousin, the guy she previously dated before chad. so she went back to his cousin because she couldnt take the heat of being a marines girl. while all this was happening i was right by his side and helped him thru it all while he helped me with my problems as well. me and him got back together within no time at all because obviously through all of that we were still in love right...........so this was our second chance at our love..and we didnt waste any time aha,  we were the happiest we had ever been with eachother  i had even drove 24 hrs non-stop to see him in north carolina, everything was going amazing for the 6 months......untilllllll, not long after i got back from visiting him, maybe a whole month. i find out that he has started a whole new relationship behind my back with some girl he new from a long time ago that lived not far from myrtle beach. they were already saying i love you to eachother after just a week. he claims he did this because he ws so lonely and he doeasnt kno wat got into him. which at this point we were both dirty cheaters at some point in our relationship. but its just a little friggin rediculous. so then we break up for maybe... a month at most. but within that month we still talked and we were on good terms with eachother, i dont know how this always seems to happen with us but we got back together after he proved his trust back. i talked to the nasty b**** myself so i could believe everything was true. things did seem different between us after that, and we had things to work on but it has gotten so much better then it even was before he cheated. we are alot more open with eachother about everything now and ive proudly been wearing his dog tags, and me and his baby mama are good friends and everything is comming together soo great. but now in just maybe less then 2 weeks he has to go to california to the desserts. im guessing to prepair afghanistan. he leaves in october oversea's for 7 months, but is thinking about extending while he's over there. and now im pregnant with his baby and when he comes back were getting married. its going to be so hard being pregnant by myself whiles he gone not knowing if he's coming back. i never would think of him to die because he's i know he's stronge and he'll come home. but you always have to prepare ypurself and keep it in mind that anything could happen. ive become sooooo emotionally attatched to him that it drives me crazy. and he doesnt even want to go out with his biddies no more cuz he just wants to stay back in his room and talk on the phone with me. its going to be hard but that what makes you stronger, i know i can do it, ill always be here for waiting for him.  but i would love talking to anyone on there opinions and what theyve gone thru and any comments you want to leave me. i dont get offended easily at all im a very open person and can talk about anything so dont be affraid. thank you so much ;)
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Jul 28, 2010