I Adore Him.

We were 18, and freshmen in college. We were lumped into the same group during freshman orientation week and then together for two classes that first semester…

College was over five hours from home, and we realized that home for both of us was only 20 minutes from one another. So we carpooled for breaks and weekend trips, and talked, and talked. Somehow he still remembers all the details of those conversations 8 years later… I just remember really enjoying his company and the time together.

Over the next couple years of college we stayed friends helping each other with projects, bumping into one another on and off campus and back home during breaks. There is something strange with us- we just kept running into one another at the most random times and places.

We both returned home when we graduated and then he was off to try and become an officer in the Marines. Eventually, we reconnected after he was home to heal after being injured during training. It was a great three months we were finally dating– until he took a job that required him to relocate for well over a year. I never told him, but I was crushed and letting him walk out of my life was such a mistake.

When he returned he contacted me, but I was in a relationship. We spoke briefly on the phone that day and then I tried to force him out of my mind. Every now and then I would check on his Facebook profile to see how he was. One day I saw that he had been commissioned as an officer and sent him a note congratulating him.

He was going to be home in December and wanted to meet for dinner. I agreed. It was nice – fun – like old times – made me remember how much I enjoyed his company. I returned to my boyfriend at the time and he returned to the Marines. In May he reached out to me again and I was ready. We met for weekend trips over the next two months in various cities half way between us, both driving anywhere from 2 – 8 hours to see one another.

The weekends are the best, just too just too short. He is now in NC. Its much more difficult to hop in the car and meet half way. But he flew home this weekend and just feeling his arms around me made it all okay. I must say that I do feel lucky to see him about every three weeks, I know not everyone has that opportunity.

While we have known one another since we were 18, this is such a change in our relationship as friend and more. It is like the closer we get emotionally, the further the distance in our location grows. As strangers we lived in the same building. As friends, the same campus. While dating we lived about 30 minutes apart. As weekend lovers about 400 miles. And now, as someone I am head over heals for… 700 miles. I know that distance will grow even further as he will eventually be deployed.

My fear is that this distance will make us weak. Neither of us has said we are in a committed relationship. We talk every night before we go to bed the only thing better than getting a “sweet dreams” from him is hearing it in person.

Thanks for reading my little life story. :)
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Aug 9, 2010