I Need Some Ideas! :)

So yesterday, I got a package from my marine. I was so excited. He send me his dog tag, one of his USMC shirts and a letter. I'm going to write back but I would want to send him something he could have that is a reminder of me. I'm going to wear his dog tag everywhere I go! (Last night I got strangled by it lol) I was thinking of a picture, so when he gets deployed next year he has a picture of me everywhere he goes. But I dont know what else I could send him.

Does anyone have a good idea??
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Hi there,<br />
I sent my husband alot of stuff recently.. Tell (my husband), doesnt want me sending any printed pictures to him. So i send most of the pictures i take during the month and send them via a jump drive. I send him food, new music,and letters. His birthday was in the month of sept, so i did something that he really loved.. I made him a dvd. (not the private kind) lol. I have a program called Windows movie maker. Its slideshow on crack!!! I love it. I put together a hour long movie of all of our pictures and movies that we made. I put music to it and everything.. I sent a few copies out to our families . Everyone said they loved it and it made them cry to see all of the photo's from our life together and our wedding. I even included a section of "Whats been happening lately" Pictures from my visit to our parents homes and my trip to see my best friend in washington. He said he watched with his shop guys and they all loved it.. I plan on doing another one soon for him.. If you have that program or need any advice email me Janey2006@yahoo.com<br />
Semper Fi<br />

Well, for my first package to my Marine, I sent him home made sugar cookies (Which half of his friends ate), a scarf that smelled like me, one of my tshirts that he likes seeing me in, and other cookies and candies he likes. But truthfully, just ask him what he would like. If he doesnt care about people making fun of him, you can send him all sorts of cute little things that you know he would like. So maybe just ask him "for the future" what he would like in packages! Then throw in a little surprise or two, that way he gets things that he wants, but also has little surprises in there that he will appreciate

I've been struggling with what to send him too. He always gives me all this great USMC stuff that I love, but not sure what I can do that will remind him of me. I was thinking one of my oversized tee-shirts that we have an inside joke with... I was thinking a picture... I don't know.<br />
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What I do know is that my boyfriend is coming out of the field this weekend and I am going to have fresh baked from scratch cookies waiting on his door step for him. (via FedEx since I am 12 hours away)

Aww thats sweet he sent you that. Um I know i'm prolly late at writing but mabye i can give you some ideas. my best friend is EOD. And he loves when he gets candy and cookies. Just anything he can eat lol he said they eat anything and everything they can lol.

cookies n candy!!! they love it!!! :) well my marine did. i sent him cards n letters too n a lil surprise just for him ;) if yah know what i mean! lol