Getting Married?

I've been thinking about this whole getting married thing. Marriage is a BIG deal and none of my friends know what it's like to be planning a wedding for a young age! We still have a while, but I am pretty sure my boyfriend and I are getting married as soon as I graduate. He is waiting until I am 18 to purpose and wants me to finish high school before we actually get married. He talks about it a lot and we have most everything planned, we're just saving money now! We want to be married before he gets deported so I am able to go with him. My friends just don't understand why I'm getting married at such a young age. My family and his support our decission. And I'm going to do it no matter what my friends say, it just is hard to go through this without my best friends supporting my decission.
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1 Response Feb 27, 2012

I know exactly how you feel. I am still young and my family is there to support me but friends support matter a lot as well. And i have PLENTY that say i am crazy for making a huge decision that will change my life. For one they always talk about your soo young how are you sure he is the one? and then they say i am stupid for doing a long distance relationship. that they never work, then they say i am stupid for up and moving my life for a guy. For one these men are our lives. and with the military if we want to be with them WE the women have to make the decision of moving with them or sitting around waiting for every time he comes home for leave. I am in the process of planning a wedding for next July and i have had to cut out a few best friends out of the wedding because they dont support my decision at all. Dont let them get to you. stay strong! <3 if you ever need to talk feel free to message me. :)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you know what I'm going through!

i tried for a while to gain their approval but then was like, :you know what? this is for me and one else. if they were true friends they would support our decision no matter what." i came on this website to find girls that actually understood what i was goign through and i love it on here. cause we are not judged by some of our fast actions made due to the military life :)