Good Things Comes To Those Who Wait

I'm proud of my Boyfriend Mario, even though it hurts me that hes gone for a while. I Know his mom misses him a lot too. But I'm glad that her and I are close because of him. Even though it's hard to not have the one that you love close to you, know that you do have them
close inside your heart! I miss the way he looks at me right before he kisses me. I miss the way he huggs me at night while he smiles. I truly thank God everyday for giving me someone special who I learned to love. He came when I at least expected it; I almost gave up on love.

To my marine, I pray for you everyday and every night. I know God watches you and keeps you safe. I'm always here for you and will always be waiting for you :). I promise to stay faithful no matter what, your the proof God sent me...good things do come to those who wait. And so I keep on's worth the wait

I miss my marine, just like you miss yours too... But remember God is good :) always keep a positive mind... And your marine will come home soon...
MissesJennyB MissesJennyB
18-21, F
May 23, 2012