Missing My Marine...

My boyfriend is in Missouri right now and I live in California. He is from LA and Im from Orange County so we live close... when he is home. But he's finishing training and is supposed to come back home (to Camp Pendleton) in December. When he first left, I thought I was going to be depressed everyday until he came back home. Its been about two months and I can honestly say there is not a second that goes by that I'm not thinking of him and wishing he was here with me, but it is a lot easier to function now and do everything I need to do here. I've seemed to get in a routine of work and school and we always text, talk or skype. The best though is sending letters, we both love getting them and sending them. I hope the next few months go by quickly because I need him home. I am so thankful for sites like these where I can vent and share my story to people who understand and care, and I can read other girls blogs who are feeling that exact same way as I do. I get comfort knowing that I am not alone. I don't have to do this alone. People will support me and listen and have sympathy and I can do the same for them. My friends just don't understand because they think not seeing their boyfriend for a couple days is bad. I just look at them and laugh and they get the picture. Semper Fi to my marine <3
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Agreed! This site is amazing to connect with women who are going through the same thing. My Marine is at Camp Pendleton and leaves nxt month for 3 or more months of different schools... =/