Does Everyone Do This?

Sometimes I find myself staring at places he used to be. Like every time he would come over he would sit in the same spot and now I find myself staring at that spot and picturing him sitting there or laying in bed. Sometimes I even find myself laughing because I say something and I know what he would say if he was here so m laughing at his would be reaction. Lol it like I'm living in memories.
Taylornewusmc Taylornewusmc
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4 Responses Nov 30, 2012

same here girl

I do the same thing

Just wanna say
your sacrifice is duly noted...
annnd so appreciated...
you are one of the
the proud
you stay...
when others would flee...
you choose the higher more demanding path...
you keep that candle in your heart's window
which would, w/o you
be snuffed out...
you are
in love
with a Marine...
semper fi...
thank you
joyinthejourney, clg

i do that everyday some times i'll start laughing to myself and people will look at me like im nuts the i giggle even more to myself :) when he left i jacked his cologne and i spray it on my favorite blanket which i sleep with every night :) makes me feel like hes not so far away :)

Yeah I known sometimes I feel like and idot. Lol i sometime talk to him too lol even tho he's not here.

lol i've done that a few times. once i tripped and stubbed my toe i thought i heard him say "are you ok baby" and i answered .. only to realize that i was alone.. i felt kinda stupid. but hey i think of it this way maybe it just means that his memory is strong and our relationship is strong too : )

Yeah like ill be doing syupid and ill be like shut up because i know he'd be making fun of me if he saw me lol