For All My Ladies Missing Their Man!

 Hey girls! I just posted this one "I am the girlfriend, fiance, or wife of a United States Marine" but I wanted to post it here too, considering were all girls who miss our marine. I Hope you girls feel you can relate, and it helps you somehow. Writing helps me vent.

The sun begins to set as my haste slows to its end.

I clutch the phone to my ear listening to how your days been.

As our eyelids get heavy, and our voices fade to whispers.

We know it’s time to let our souls turn to dream shifters.


We close out our moonlight talk with goodnights and I miss yous.

Then my heart starts humming the travelin’ soldier blues.

I bow my head and pray for your strength, safety, and care.

As I cling to my pillow Hoping instead you’ll soon be there.


Though these days are hard, with nights filled with your absence.

My Love fights like my soldier, fighting the enemy named distance.

Though it’s a silent battle I know it’s one my heart will win.

For soon my soldier will be back in my arms again. 

InsanelyMe08 InsanelyMe08
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14 Responses Jan 12, 2009

That's great!!:) I can totally relate.

Wonderful I also miss my man very much.... Semper Fi! Oohrahh!

Just Beautiful... Semper fi!

Amazing :) I soooo can relate to everything in this. Thank you :)

Abosultely wonderful....I love it...its beautiful yet reality.

I love it :)

I just want to say thank you for posting this! I couldn't help but start to cry because it really is an inspiration! Do you mind if I print it out so I can look at it everyday? I also want to print out a copy for my boyfriends mom. She would love it! I'm totally agreeing with xjocexo143, it makes the distance feel like nothing!

Aw yay!!! That makes me so happy to hear =) I was Hoping it would have that similar affect to you all! =D

seriously that made me feel like the distance is nothingggg

OMG SO CUTE! i love itttt, awesome job!

hahahaha I would be honored sweetie! Right underneath you can write "Stay strong beautiful, Love you! -Libby" It will be my little message to you haha

i love it...can i print it out and put it on my inspirational wall? lol (i took one of the doors to my closet and started putting up a whole bunch of stuff i find inspirational, so whenever i get down i just go look at it and feel better....seriously debating taking the other door and making it marine related lol)

Aw thank you Kit!! Your so sweet =D

Absolutely amazing! I am speechless.