Before I write this, please no one take it personally or turn it into some kind of debate. I just need to vent and it's probably going to end up hypocritical so just know that I'm critizing myself as well so anyways, just no debates. Being a military girlfriend does not in any way, shape, or form give us the right to complain about our boys being gone for Valentines Day, Christmas, Graduation, Birthdays, or any other time they are gone. We knowingly accepted our roles as military girlfriends and we are stuck with it. Yes it sucks major *** not having our boys here with us, be they at war, home, California, or wherever the hell they maybe be that is not with us. Also, I hope every girl who cheats on her man while he's gone gets an STD and chokes on a chicken bone. Okay, maybe I'm not too serious about that, but they should know that they are skanky hoes! Grrr!!!
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I totally agree, I hate dumb hoe's who cheat. it just shows how weak they are when there boyfriends are away

choke on a chicken bone!! I like that one haha I agree tho we all knew what came with the job of being a military girlfriend but truth be told it still makes us sad and makes us complain. We still are girls with feelings and they get pushed over the edge by not having them here. So yeah it sucks but complaining is a way of venting for most....but there is NO EXCUSE FOR CHEATING! Find yourself a weaker man for your weak minded civilian dating ***.

haha nice. Skanky hoes are gross. I want to slap a skanky ho sometimes.but the law prevents it